Words by Katie Farley

AGL unapologetically awakens the very finest in feminine artistry. Made in the Italian region of Marche, the AGL fashion brand is a generational success story. Established in 1958 by founder and grandfather Piero Giusti, followed by father Attilio and 15 years ago, he passed the torch to his three daughters, Sara, Vera, and Marianna, to continue the family business into the future.

Sara, Vera, and Marianna are the ultimate sartorial siblings who built AGL's success story by mastering minimalist, feminine footwear. To this footwear brand, GIRLPOWER is everything. Their shoes are modern emblems of authentic excellence. "Working together as sisters is fantastic!" explain the designers. "No one knows us better. This gives us the freedom to discuss and connect at a level that is only possible with sisters sure that we understand our personal feelings 100% and push the creative boundaries." The three women work with a natural bond of sisterhood, which echoes through their broader team. 65% of its employees are women. It is the core of their creative process.

Sara, Vera, and Marianna desire to be close to their community, designing and manufacturing shoes that are comfortable yet stylish. They aim to be the perfect companion for everyday life and special occasions."We produce shoes BY WOMEN FOR WOMEN," explains the Giusti trio, "with a very long tradition of craftsmanship, and it's really rare. We produce everything in house in Italy with attention to detail and the materials we use. Having been shoemakers for generations gives us an unparalleled know-how with the added value of being women." AGL's aesthetic is unique and personal. They create stylish shoes with that feminine touch that is the core of their brand.

Each AGL collection is vibrant and distinguishing, with a timeless spirit that blurs the lines between masculinity and femininity in a new embodiment of sophistication and style. It is apparent that to AGL, footwear personifies a completely exceptional art.

Spanning over half a century, the brand has refined its proficiency, producing smooth wearing shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Trademarks of an AGL design include pure lines, orderly silhouettes, and precise patterns. Their shoes represent a perfect extension of the wearer, symbolizing 'Art Couture' in form and function. The brand's 50 years of experience have honed their craft to an art form. Their shoes feel like an extension of the body and convey the individuality of the wearer.

Sara, Vera, and Marianna follow a fantasy while exploring emotions throughout their collections, with each blooming in ingenuity while maintaining an unmistakable original style. A journey of freedom encapsulates the inspiration behind AGL's Fall-Winter 2020/21 collection, with the photographic poetry of Paolo Roversi and the haunting beauty of Paris Jackson, who fronts the advertising campaign.

AGL's new collection evokes beauty through simple contours and pioneering forms. Key pieces include mini piercings that adorn classic moccasins and maxi accessories that decorate chunky loafers, colored kitten heels or a fresh elliptical heel embellish boots from the alluring range. The juxtaposing of materials and varied hues feels liberating with an autumnal color palette of dark brown, ocher, and plum accented with fuchsia and gold.

Soles are light and voluminous and constructed from natural rubber, lacquered, or leather-covered heels that include hand-sewn welts that feature a thick red thread that attracts attention. The brand conveys a fresh perspective to the world of fashion – "a unique and refined interpretation of the essential and an ethical mindset in terms of price point and the choice of our materials," they explain. "Producing everything in house gives us full control on our production so we can avoid excessive waste. We also produce everything using solar power."

With their ever-evolving aesthetic, the sisters imbue a natural charm in combining dressy and casual forms while never forgetting the ease and fit. "Throughout the years we started to introduce more heeled shoes, booties and boots. Through our craftsmanship we were able to ensure the same comfort even in heels. We did not want for women to have to give up wearing heels for the sake of comfort." This statement is sure to resonate with women the world over, who refuse to sacrifice the feeling of glamor for comfort, which now, courtesy of AGL, is easily attainable.


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