Alejandra De Coss


Alejandra De Coss

Words by Katie Farley

Proud of being a representative of handmade and ethical design, Alejandra De Coss is a contemporary brand specializing in women's ready-to-wear fashion and jewelry. Located in the epicenter of Mexico City, the designer's work focuses on constructing a new-fangled characterization of luxury. This pursuit involves playing with the latest technologies and artisanal dexterities while continuously emphasizing the details.

Alejandra De Coss prides herself and her creative team on establishing working relationships with independent artisans and tailors who do not encounter mass production. Every piece is handmade in the local area; "only two pairs of hands intervene in this process, meaning each one is unique and special", explains the designer.

Throughout the brand, De Coss endeavors to write a little narrative with every item of clothing/jewelry she makes, fashioning pieces that form a discussion. The company trusts that when a product has a distinct DNA, it has an emotional effect on the wearer from the start.

"I always wanted to be a fashion designer, since I was a kid, I used to make my own paper dolls and enjoyed designing the clothes more than actually playing," says De Coss. "Becoming a designer was something that came naturally and is a big part of who I am. The jewelry design was more of an organic journey over the years, drawing from inspirations in daily life and art."

Differentiating herself from other designers, she likes to think her pieces always try to start a conversation. She puts her efforts into bringing a designer proposition at an affordable price point. "I have seen that my pieces seem to connect with people related to the arts and design, people that are creative in their own right." The brand aims to deliver a modern edge to established techniques and practices in clothing and jewelry.

Alejandra has a continually evolving aesthetic that has been described as "very organic." Deconstruction and tailoring are sartorial fundamentals, and contemporary art is an inspiration, albeit throughout every collection, all the piece's progress just like the women she designs for.

Her latest collection entitled "NUDE" is extracted from the investigation for egalitarianism and, through the use of a multitude of colors, it embodies all races and all cultures. "The collection features interchangeable oversized tailored pieces, made with locally produced cotton and sustainable fabrics. Quilted patches and embroidery in different colors representing the female body and multiple races, alongside the capitalist symbols of our time, such as credit cards and receipts, are a reflection on the social moment in which we are living, where racism and inequalities persist."

A collative body of inspirations is extracted amid this collection, including artist Eva Milkonskaya's nude photography, Maryam Ashkanian's asymmetrical hand-quilted embroidery, and Yuval Noah Harari's texts on the evolution of humanity.

"The jewelry is a continuation of our Body Parts series" explains Alejandra. "It is inspired by Claude Lalanne's sculptures of fragments of the human body. Fingers as rings, lips and noses in gold and silver plate set in chains and earrings - all made by artisans from the centre of Mexico City - complement the collection."

De Coss's design approach is entirely intuitive, organic, and romantic, always embodying a high-fashion editorial edge that is simply delightful.


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