93 Baker Street


93 Baker Street

A creative-hungry and ephemeral culture space, 93 Baker Street is a compelling, inventive hub, dedicated to contemporary artistic talent. The project, that has recently been unveiled in the heart of central London, is home to 15 artist residencies that breathe across the mediums of fine art, sculpture, and fashion. There is also a pair of gallery spaces which exhibit emerging contemporary art.

Roaming curatorial label, VO Curations is co-founded by Zina Vieille and Nnamdi Obiekwe, where ultimately their concept for the project is to renovate acquainted spaces that one may have formerly attended and uniquely innovate it, deconstructing their imagery into a wide-ranging retrospective and exhibition space.

What was once a former office block has now been transformed and houses authentic forms of artistic expression and cultural exchange. Spanning over 5 impressive floors, the spaces aspire to be greatly accessible than that of the white cube, performing an equal parallel to the artwork and the artist, focussing on restrictions to that of the subject and object more indistinct than its ancestor.

Olivia Bax II

Olivia Bax (Palisade)

Olivia Bax (Footloose)

Morgan Ward & Richie Culver (Installation shot I)

Morgan Ward (Untitled and Untitled)

“Our artist studios are selected from disciplines surrounding London’s emerging art scene with textile workshops, fine artists, media and print publishers animating space,” says Nnamdi Obiekwe. “This eclectic contemporary selection feeds the across-ˇpollinating community, adding to the dynamism and inclusivity that we are trying to foster. Highlights include Lagos-ˇto-ˇLondon-based magazine NATIVE, recent Central St. Martins fashion graduate Hinako Nakazawa, up-ˇand-ˇcoming painters Sonya Derviz and Romana Londi, as well as countless others.”

The curated showcases in their workspaces have intermittently drawn upon their studio talent, furthermore incorporating works designed exclusively on site. The culture space unequivocally presented emerging artists who included Alexander James, Richie Culver, Sonya Derviz, Morgan Ward, Yanwen Xiong, Clarissa Lim, and Olivia Bax and have upcoming shows scheduled for Romana Londi, Sara Berman and London Frieze Week.

Words by Katie Farley

Andrei Costache (Tarantula)

Andrei Costache (Rainbow 180)

Andrei Costache (installation shot)

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Shawn Theodore

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Anne Siems

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Alexander James

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