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Cary Fagan


Cary Fagan

Cary Fagan’s solo exhibition “Home” at Onyx Gallery

Photographer and visual artist Cary Fagan returns to his birthplace of Phoenix, Arizona for a new exhibition entitled ‘Home’, opening February 2nd. The exhibit features archival-grade fine art prints made with 100% cotton.

Fagan prides himself on having created his own style over the past decade through trial, error, and success. “My photographic style can be unusual in the sense that there is no structure to my process – it flows pretty naturally,” he says. Fagan’s photos often feel like they were captured in the split-hair of a moment, even if the moment happens to be staged. His photos utilize the angular positioning of the human body to convey emotion and intuition.

After spending his high school and early adult years in Houston, Texas, Fagan decided it was time to take a step back west. “‘Home’ is different from any of my previous works because I am going home; back to where I was born, a place I haven’t seen for over twenty years,” says Fagan. The show is a result of happy happenstance, a sweet serendipity of chance; “the opportunity was passed down to me through a simple conversation with a stranger on one of my short trips to Arcosanti, Arizona, a small town in the middle of nowhere with a timeless atmosphere.” ‘Home’ was specially curated to relate to Black History Month, which Fagan feels is a part of his personal legacy; “The selections were thoughtful and empowering, highlighting my family and friends.”

The show is one of two concurrent exhibits for Fagan in 2018, with another showing in Russia simultaneously. As for the future, Fagan will continue to push the limits of his internal creativity and style: “You can expect more growth and development. . . with cf.filmstudios.”

Fagan spent time working for Kanye West during NYFW of 2016 and has exhibited in Russia, Toronto, Montreal, Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, and various publications around the world.


Words by Addison Anthony