Claire Tabouret


Claire Tabouret

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Words by Katie Farley

Claire Tabouret is a contemporary artist who specializes in captivating portraiture. Her works are acknowledged for allowing the onlooker to re-establish a bond with a reality that they may not always incontrovertibly be able to see, which inevitably sparks intriguing sentiments and much curiosity. Tabouret’s paintings artfully examine the thought-provoking layers of nostalgia with young individuals who are demolished in the possibilities of the foreseeable, fused together by the despondency of the present-day.

Claire Tabouret was born in 1981 in Pertuis, France. As a child, she was brought up in an all-encompassing, artistically-minded environment, immersed in a world of art, music, and literature. With only a natural consequence, the young artist illustrated a passion for painting at the tender age of four, where she was first acquainted with “The Water Lilies” courtesy of Monet’s “Nymphéas” series. Directly making the transition from her secondary education, she found herself in keen pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and therefore enrolled at Paris’s École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. Her time at the university allowed her to artistically experiment with her evolving craft and recognized a maturing practice that investigated the creative processes of purpose and intent at the same time as transliterating her personal gaze on paper. Completing her formal training in 2005, she then traveled to New York City to serve as an exchange student at Cooper Union School of Art.

Photo by Nick Massey

Since this period, Claire Tabouret’s body of work evolved whereby a variety of canvases that sighted into the exploration of genres that fall amid the traditional Western art movement whilst technique and shifting perspectives were experimented with. Travelling to China in 2012, she adopted the regime of drawing herself each morning in the mirror, a practice that transpired into a two-year workshop ritual. Reflecting a familial portraiture, a series of paintings entitled “Beginners” provided her with extensive praise. Her rise to art stardom amid the industry elevated when the artist met François Pinault at “Prospos” at the Isabelle Gounod Gallery, where she was invited to exhibit at a show at the Palazzo Grassi foundation in Venice.

Galleries and museums the world over have had their walls artfully adorned with Tabouret’s large-format painting, from the YUZ Museum in Shanghai to the Museo Pietro Canonica à Villa Borghese in Rome. Los Angeles serves as her current working and living destination. “Cash for Gold like Smoke for Mirrors and Land for Sea” is Claire Tabouret’s current Monographic exhibition, running at Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseille, France from August 26 to October 29, 2017.

Photos by bluntbangs.bizs

Photo by Martin Argyroglo

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