Daniel Segrove


daniel segrove

Like half written stories, the mixed media art of Daniel Segrove leaves us with the innate desire to fill in the gaps left by the lines in his work that trail off like forgotten thoughts. The emotive quality of Daniel’s work can be felt and leaves the viewer question what the empty space entails. Hailing from San Francisco, 26-year-old Daniel Segrove is a graduate of the Academy of Art University and over the past few years has participated in several exhibitions throughout California and Internationally. “My work focuses on my own perspective on life, identity, and empathy. I paint and draw people who are close to me or if they have a story I can relate too” says Segrove. He uses a mixture of charcoal, ink, graphite, soot, acrylic paint, and beeswax working simultaneously on multiple pieces in his studio and experimenting with a full range of styles from abstraction and realism to non-objectivity to create his pieces. Having always felt an affinity towards charcoal and graphite, Segrove’s body of work challenges the limitations of traditional drawing and painting through processes of destruction, distress, and balance.

When speaking about his latest Exhibition “mundanity” held last month at the Robert Kananaj Gallery in Toronto, he says “my subject matter for this series focuses on the everyday, mundane or monotonous life and trying to project my own experience or significance to these ordinary scenes.” Discover Daniel’s work on his website and Instagram.