George Redhawk


George Redhawk

Words by Katie Farley

The brainchild behind the visually liberating computer generated works of art, George Redhawk transpires as an artist in his own league. The technological medium is juxtaposed with other artist’s photographs and is being accelerated to new, idiosyncratic heights within the world of art, digital innovations and beyond.

The incredible moving digital paintings have the ability to capture and attain an individual’s gaze for a lengthy amount of time, thanks to the surreal, morphing GIFs that circulated and subtly pulsate amid the image, a technique otherwise acknowledged as ‘cinemagraphs’. What is more overwhelming, the animated visuals are in fact created in the hands of a legally blind artist.

The artworks are hugely impressive in their overall entirety but put the notion of someone who suffers from somewhat severe loss of eyesight into the equation, and instantaneously, the impact goes from striking to positively mind-blowing. George’s loss of vision began to occur whilst he was a lecturer of medicine, where inevitably after four years, he renounced his profession. However, remarkably Redhawk transformed this poignant chapter into one that would influence and inspire the art world and then some, by investing in unseen creativity and computer technology to present an astonishing aesthetic.

The motion effects series, ‘The World Through My Eyes’ is the artful result of George’s visual distortions made in his mind when attempting to register the breaks in his vision, or as he prefers to call it, the “mental confusion” he experiences.

“I was inspired…by a need to express what I am experiencing with my loss of sight,” informs Redhawk. “There is a process my mind goes through as I try to discern what I am looking at, a type of morphing and transitioning in my vision as my brain tries to make decisions based upon faulty data being sent by my eyes. It is this process that I try to express with my motion effects. It is designed to challenge, confuse, and in some cases, disturb your visual sense of ‘order”, clarifies the artist.”

With the aid of IT software, George Redhawk designs animations of the eerie and ethereal, which encompasses a selection of concepts and aesthetics, where ultimately he aspires to encourage the disabled community to creatively pursue their passions. His inspirational and avant-garde arts illustrate as a stimulating reminder that we are all capable of channeling our internal visions of beauty, regardless of actions that occur uncontrollably.

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