artwork of three figures silhouetted against a pink background by artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders

Isca Greenfield Sanders


Isca Greenfield Sanders

Constructed from a meticulous and intensive process that includes a dichotomy of artistically inspired mediums, American mixed media landscape artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders journeys through a layering of methods to create her unique paintings that are saturated with nostalgia, vibrant hues, and dream imagery. The artist’s paintings are extracted from found vintage photographs that hark back to the 1950s and 60s, where Isca performs digital manipulation and transfers amid various media such as pencil and watercolor, which contributes to her final works of art.

With these vintage photographs, Greenfield-Sanders adopts the process of finding, scanning and editing, followed by manipulating and enhancing them with watercolor and pencil, before extracting details from the images and applying them onto tiles, which are eventually painted over with oils. The chosen mediums that are artfully overlapped echo the abstract and figurative layers of significance that are illustrated amid her works. “I have an interest in the never-ending quality of an image,” vocalizes Greenfield-Sanders. “I think of these paintings as being traced from one medium to the next, perhaps being translated.”

Throughout Isca’s images, reoccurring scenes imbue those of American post-war archetypes of family and leisure, with the specific depiction of idyllic seaside’s and backyard pools. Other additions such as the “Against the Fall” (2008) series that showcase the Korean War parachute paintings, expose an auxiliary explicit skepticism in relation to the 1950s American fabled innocence.

An overwhelming sense of serenity, etherealness, and daydreaming is beautifully exhibited throughout Isca Greenfield-Sanders’s somewhat solitary works. These creative qualities have contributed to the artist’s undeniable success across an array of national and universal exhibitions, including those in New York, London, and Germany. Her works will be displayed amid the upcoming John Bergguen Gallery Solo Show in San Francisco, CA in 2018.

Encompassing the unique ability to disintegrate photographic images and reconstitute them as her own, Isca Greenfield-Sanders adopts an innovative formulation of art that has become her original signature, one that is indisputably creative and explorative that results in aesthetics of pure tranquillity.

Words by Katie Farley

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