Jessica Rimondi


Jessica Rimondi

Words by Katie Farley

Everyday elements translate into expressive fundamentals throughout the paintings curated by Italian-born, Berlin-based artist Jessica Rimondi. These fundamentals creatively investigate small moments and revolutions them into explorative considerations of human emotions, feelings, and memories. At the heart of Jessica’s aesthetic is an intense curiosity for visual engagement, where research is exposed to a unification of varying measures of expression to pursue the most fitting ones in relation to needs and inclination. Gesture is central to the artist’s portraits that hark to illustrative rudiments, which seek inspiration from photographs and the works by the Old Masters.

Frequent themes that are addressed by Rimondi revolve around different concepts yet they always find a way of somehow interconnecting. Recent workings have focused on life’s ordinary situations in conjunction with the history of works by iconic art influencers.

“People, their moments, their real lives, their feelings, and memories– these are my main attractions,” recalls Jessica. “Sometimes I just want to catch a moment and work on its aura, the way it swells in the space, and the reactions and interactions it creates between myself, the people living that moment, and those who will see the painting.” Furthermore, reality transpires as reoccurring observations, an inspirational topic that attains an abundant of scrutiny and elaboration.

A sense of communication constantly radiates within her innovative, authentic paintings: amid the subject and his user, the spectator and the surveyed, intimate, non-verbal, sensorial. Rimondi endeavors to negotiate formulations of relationships and interactions between her subject in question, the onlooker and herself.

An aesthetic that evokes realism is important to Jessica’s subjects. This is not only imbued amid their physical appearance but also in her personal research that examines the interconnection between the visual and the psychological understanding, which reflects the expressive panache in her images that Rimondi is progressively evolving.

A beautiful infusion of reality, illusion, and futurism is unveiled through the many artful layers of stylistic innovation witnessed amid the dexterities of a truly original and influential artist, whose paintings are creating emotional statements around the world.

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