Jorg Karg


Jorg Karg

Aesthetically captivating, intriguing and definitely a little bit unorthodox; Jorg Karg is a master of image manipulation and is a revolutionary promoter for 21st-century art and beyond. Born and raised in Germany, he is a visual artist whose works transpire as a magnetic fusion of digital collage, photo editing, and conceptual graphic design. Amid Karg’s striking artistries, one will observe the unique blend of surrealism and fantasy which is encountered with splashes of innovation, character and the utmost imagination.

Having obtained an unrestrained fascination for pictures for many years, and prior to discovering his craft, Jorg Karg obsessively experimented with painting and drawing. After much time perfecting his artistic dexterities, his works finally emerged onto the scene only last year in 2016 and now frequently collaborates with photographers from all around the world.

Working with digital collages for approximately ten years, the artist has spent his time applying focus on perfecting his skill and today explores a specific regime that is the result of his successes. He takes the photographic material, rearranges it, and sees it being metamorphosed into abstract wonders using photo-editing software.

A motto is applied to Karg’s works, ‘back to the beholder’, translating as a distinctive identity that has been established over the years. Present-day visual language and techniques are united with traditional, albeit vital rules of painting and drawing. In an online statement, the digital artist explains how “So many things subjectively shape our perception nowadays. All that can be used to move the beholder. Modern media influences, but also almost forgotten ideas about shapes, colors, and expression. My wish is that the beholder feels addressed immediately without any further explanation in order to create a personal experience.”

Jorg Karg has been the recipient of many acknowledgments and awards – he was a direct nominee in 2016 for the BLOOOM Award and acquired the chance to represent himself during Cologne’s Art Fair, whereby he discovered some much-appreciated gallery support. This ultimately allowed Karg to showcase excerpts of his works in Germany. As well as being shortlisted for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, he recently exhibited in London as a result and is becoming noted for his artistic identity among a variety of countries.

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