Tamara Al- Mashouk was born in Saudi Arabia, grew up in Bahrain and went to Wellesley College for an undergraduate degree in Architecture. She furthered her education with an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston where she lived and worked for almost 9 years.

Speaking to issues of social politics, global movement and the hierarchy of citizenship, Al-Mashouk’s work employs video, performance, and large scale sculptural based installation. She is compelled by the movement of people across personal, societal, and national borders with specific focus on the female body, the diasporic body, the LGBTQ+ body.

In May 2016, Al Mashouk constructed a 16′ x 12′ x 7′ H sculptural based structure that reflects on architecture and incorporates live video processing and performance. After three years of exploring the reductive and oppressive effects of toxic masculinity/the institution/the patriarchy on the female body/body of the other, Al-Mashouk took the structure to a forest in Upstate NY, set it on fire in the rain, and filmed it with two REDs. License III is a video that pictures a mid-century modernist monument filmed in extreme slow motion creating a slow buildup of sexy anarchy.

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Shawn Theodore

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Anne Siems

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