Lisa Carney


Lisa Carney

Lavandula 2017 acrylic on canvas

With the objective to navigate the spectator into an unorthodox world where life erupts in an affiliation of festive colors, multidisciplinary artist Lisa Carney conducts her craft through an aesthetically intriguing and explorative abstract practice. Surrounded by an artistic family and born and raised from the Gaspé Peninsula, the painter currently lives and works in Sainte-Anne-Des-Plaines, Québec, and acknowledges how the equal locations contribute to her aspiration to create, extracting their scenic panoramas that are abundant with life.

Throughout Carney’s works, she applies art and music to demonstrate the visionary dynamisms that inhabit in her. Abstract painting has been responsible for the fundamental way to artistically transcend everything she engrosses, enabling her to create in a theoretical manner.

“Working by intuition, relying on instinct, my process involves developing several paintings at a time, allowing me to explore many ideas that I divide by themes in series” explains Carney. “I paint mostly with acrylic on canvas, naturally making unconscious decisions about what colors to use and how I will blend them to my satisfaction. In a fast and vigorous way, my energy is deployed onto the canvas. By creating this way, I want my work to go beyond traditional landscapes.”

Purple Prairie Clover 2018 acrylic on canvas

Marsh Marigolds 2018 acrylic on canvas

In Carney’s pieces, she employs abstract compositions that embody a minimalist approach in relation to the captured landscape and nonconformist color combination, which display a chaotic albeit engaging aesthetic. When engaging with the artist’s works, viewers can establish certain natural identities that are artistically blurred – note, textures that imitate roots, random splashes that bare resemblance to wildflower fields and colored scrapes that are indicative of mineral veins.

“I normally work on canvas but have always enjoyed working on paper,” says Carney. “A while ago I purchased yupo paper, a 100% recyclable, waterproof, tree-free synthetic paper, with the idea to create a series using this paper. Last week I finally decided to start and did my first painting. It was fun and quite different from painting on other types of paper that absorb and buckle if not treated right. I’m hoping to create several of these paintings in the near future.”

With Lisa Carney’s techniques and practices appearing to be ever-evolving, her paintings will continue to intrigue and engage into the foreseeable.

Mystic Turquoise 2018 acrylic on canvas

Words by Katie Farley

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