Mario Dilitz


Mario Dilitz

Encompassing the capability to convey expression to the human form, where a language is effectively transmitted and deciphered through an art medium is a talent that sculptor Mario Dilitz definitely possesses with great aplomb. Dilitz, from Innsbruck, Austria, channels his dexterities to curate an accumulation of sculptures that are highly rendered in detailed wood, whose facial expressions are uncannily authentic as are their body language, which simultaneously reveals the human condition. The aesthetical beauty of his sculptures sees a polarizing quality that further instills a captivating speciation.

Throughout the artist’s series of statues, traditional sculptural knowledge is juxtaposed with technical skills along with contemporary issues, resulting in the figures which indicate energy and intensity. Working beyond the restrictions of the wooden material, Dilitz conveys human portrayals that are executed in extraordinary life-size additions, which all encircle an amalgam of varying subject matters. Such examples include a sculpture of a boy whose hands are adorned with oversized boxing gloves and another boy holding a shark behind his back.

High-quality laminate wood is employed throughout the making of all Dilitz’s sculptures, whilst apparent red glue, a signature amid his designs, is applied as a joining compound that floods down each of the silhouettes. The artist undertakes a fundamental process in the production of his series of wooden trophies – the material initially endures a deconstruction method, which is then reconstructed and intricately crafted into a free-standing piece, where the medium is thereby permitted to discover fresh crafting possibilities. This innovative outcome would have been unattainable to create when considering its original physical condition.

Dilitz has showcased his works throughout an assortment of art fairs, solo exhibitions and group presentations that spread over the globe, including the 2018 Solo_Show@Art in Karlsruhe and Germany, along with the 2017 Artdepot in Innsbruck and Austria and the 2016 Contemporary Sladmore Gallery in London and throughout the UK.

Dilitz’s sculptures are segregated into categories of wood, bronze, and impressions, all of which demonstrate elite craftsmanship and unveil a significant language that speaks to 21st-century society and culture.

words by Katie Farley

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