illustration by artist Siv Storøy

Siv Storøy


Siv Storøy

A multimedia artist whose works personify a mysterious, somewhat haunted and ethereal appearance, Siv Storøy designs aesthetically striking images using a color palette of predominately black and white that transfix a compelling and contemporary gaze. Born in Norway, her creative background that comprises of illustration, painting and graphic design was carefully accomplished amid Oslo and Milan, where she has since undertaken an assortment of projects that artfully envelop a multitude of artistic practices.

Falling into the categories of visual identity and communication, as well as poster art, logo design, embellishment, hand-drawn and digital illustration, Storøy’s abstract and engaging designs have appeared throughout an amalgamation of magazines, books, articles, brochures, and adverts, along with being promoted in a medley of differing capacities.

The multimedia artist’s illustrations have previously been attracting a large number of spectators throughout several exhibitions. Storøy is currently finding herself curating an innovative line of artwork that is targeting retailers that span the whole world. The global engagement that her artful assemblage of works carry comes as no coincidence, given the provocative, intriguing and revolutionary digital nature Storøy’s pieces encompass.

Throughout her graphic-led, illustrative showcases, Storøy employs a mixed media practice that entails the use of acrylic backgrounds, photography, and ink. The dichotomy of these mediums undergoes a digital infusion, which therefore presents the artist with an interesting exploration into the comprehensive diversity of conventional and heterogeneous procedures. The results of these combined procedures convey a style of boldness and strength, creating an empowering and intoxicating outcome.

A feeling of otherworldly and obscure illusion can be extracted from Storøy’s images, transmitting a juxtaposition of digital and reality. Areas of the pictures are digitally overlaid and the opacity is played with, allowing multiple images to be simultaneously exposed. Radiating a dark and dramatic disposition, a harrowingly evocative fantasy is conjured throughout, portraying a rather enticing outcome.

words by Katie Farley

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