U_Joo + Limhee Young


U_Joo + Limhee Young

Words by Katie Farley

The world of pioneering digital art is a trailblazing mechanism that enables individuals to speculate art in a truly idiosyncratic way. It is a platform that resonates a revolutionary intrigue and transpires as a never been seen before interpretation of virtual reality. South Korean husband and wife U_Joo + Limhee Young are the creative innovators that are championing this form of digital art, transmitted through an unorthodox, high-tech installation that proposes to challenge and capture the attention of the unsettling relationship between humans and their physical appearance.

The fascinating and one-of-a-kind installation is entitled ‘Machine with Hair Caught in It’, and carries the fundamental intention to envisage the situation using ‘absurd reality’. Furthermore, the novel device tangibly illustrates how an amalgamation of complexing emotions can be portrayed through the medium of digital art.

‘Machine with Hair Caught in It’ sees a somewhat perplexing construction that comprises of an involved system of rotating metal cogs, which imitate the shape of an abstract human head. Authentic black hair has attached either side and around the back of the stainless steel machinery that gradually revolves around – indicating the aggressive, vice-like hold and incessant nature of the psyche.

This truly unique installation by U_Joo + Limhee Young is a creative segment of the Lowry’s forthcoming exhibition, HumansBeingDigital in Salford. It pulls on an international variety of artful concepts that connect one another to the touch-point between human beings and being digital, via an engaging and emotional experience. HumansBeingDigital will run between Saturday 18th November 2017 – Sunday 25th February 2018.

“The work highlights a global condition – but one unique to every locality due to a whole range of geographic, cultural and economic factors” explains U_Joo + Limhee Young regarding their latest endeavor. “The United Kingdom is no different – its inhabitants perceive and project their own take on personal appearance unique to their life experiences,”

Julia Fawcett OBE, chief executive of The Lowry, further vocalizes: “U_Joo + Limhee Young’s work is in an exhibition that sets out to be thought-provoking and provocative – and we’re proud to be the first art centre in the UK to present their work.”

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