Vincent Xeus


Vincent Xeus

Words by Katie Farley

A prevailing figure amid the international art scene, Vincent Xeus infuses and delineates today’s contemporary culture. Alternating between figurative and abstract stylisations that are encompassed throughout his works, he additionally experiments with the classical painting traditions by embracing and forging modern practices and interpretations. Xeus takes the refined dexterities that were made famous by old European masters of art and injects gestural and impasto qualities that imbue an ethereal visual, indicative of a power that is artfully transfixing.

The artist investigates innovative abilities by concentrating on the obscurities and interrelationships between figuration and abstraction, where he concurrently disfigures and creates new pieces. Xeus’s aesthetically inspiring and eternally enchanting body of work is crafted by the immeasurable layers of application and abolition that injects his paintings into deeper realms of artistic intrigue.

Vincent Xeus’s constant quest to re-evaluate, re-visit and re-invent new creative concepts emits significant characteristics of his work that are charted as vital and remarkable qualities. Perception along with cognition act as extra factors that contribute to the nature of his on-going investigation within his practices. The temporal world is depicted in different ways throughout Xeus’s imageries that in turn has the savior in a continual state of refuge, enlightenment, and pure awe.

The artist’s atmospheric portraits include the faces of cultural idols, historical figures and personal friends that are accumulated from bold paint strokes and unorthodox details. Amid his “Fragmented Traditions” series, unapologetic splashes of paint disrupt gossamer gowns and a number of faces that evoke a subdued, haunted mood that ultimately makes the subjects appear ghostly and unidentifiable.

Born in China in 1981, Vincent currently lives and creates in California, USA, and so far has been the recipient of much international recognition, where his works have been exhibited throughout many landmark galleries and world-renowned museums.

Xeus’s creative outcomes are a result of his internal curiosities and emotions, which ultimately has a profound and stimulating impact on the viewer. The masterpieces further suggest who he is and how he can relate through the expressive medium of art.

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