Yangyang Pan


Yangyang Pan

With raw canvases that are almost always linen and large-scale, contemporary abstract artist Yangyang Pan dexterously intersperses her paintings with striking splotches of dense, textured brushstrokes, characterized by unpredictable shapes and vivid hues that form her aesthetically beautiful images. It is amid the painter’s improvisational technique that the unstructured configurations come to light and appear as a unified whole which spread to the edge of the canvas and is seen to have supererogatory limitations. A sense of ambient lighting is cast over each painting that employs a melodious equilibrium between the striking, energetic dark shades and the ethereal, pastel colors.

Pan’s latest and opulent compositions invite a compelling gaze and witness a dichotomy between abstraction and representation. With the key focus optimizing all that is nature and its many contrasts, the color arrangement transpires as being chromatically saturated in a higher key, where expressive gestural brushstrokes are applied throughout in a rich arrangement. Pan creates with intuitiveness and spontaneity, whilst engaging in an original synthesis of Eastern and Western sensibilities that therefore remain to enlighten her artistic concept and output.

“My love of flowers and gardens is central to my work” explains Yangyang Pan. “However, they are a means to an end. For me, flowers, gardens, nature are bound up with action painting, and the freedom I find through artmaking. I name Willem de Kooning, Joan Mitchell, Philip Guston, among others, as influences. Thus, some paintings border on recognizable “pretty” bouquets, while others appear wild, aggressive, and totally abstract. My ab-ex style is simply a reflection of my personal journey, beginning in traditional Chinese art training from age 6, to my move West, where I was exposed to Western abstraction in depth.”

Born in 1976, Pan resides in Stouffville, ON, Canada and has had her paintings exhibited on an international scale, including Canada, USA, Italy, and China. The government of Ontario Art Collection, Apple (USA), The Sichuan Fine Art Institute (China), Holt Renfrew (Canada) and Anthropologie (USA) are just some locations where her paintings can be publicly viewed and naturally adored.

Words by Katie Farley

Yangyang Pan

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