Fashion simply just isn't something you throw on each and every day, it's a way of life. Contemporary designer CAR|2IE embodies this sentiment. The label, established in 2016, is the brainchild of Carrie Kwok, who channels the principle whereby imperfection equates to perfection and believes in the importance of how a woman seeks the ability to reflect her individual sense of self and style.

Signature designs throughout CAR|2IE's fashions are characterized by a structural arrangement, illustrating a real emphasis on proportion, whilst at the same time radiating an unparalleled femininity.

"Just like most designers, I had always wanted to set up my own label" explains Carrie. "I first built up my experience as an assistant designer after graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and later became a fashion reporter to learn more about styling and fashion media. Later, I gained an MA in Womenswear Fashion from Middlesex University in London, followed by an internship with the talented Simone Rocha. On returning to Hong Kong, I started my brand."

The designer visualizes fashion as a form of mobile art, where she is of the opinion that dressing up is not executed merely for receiving a compliment but is additionally a way to appreciate and embrace a woman's beauty. Carrie loves nothing more than witnessing women wearing CAR|2IE clothing with confidence – regardless of their age.

Carrie differentiates her label from others in her field by offering women a new way to express themselves through their clothing. "Edgy yet luxurious, CAR|2IE favors a strong silhouette with quality details. Also, we focus on beadings and tulle fabric with our own design embroidery every season."

Empowering silhouettes accompanied by artful details that are executed in fine quality are signature features amid the brand's new range, which ultimately provides women with a wide selection of styling options. A refined, striking aesthetic is achieved by amalgamating components of masculine tailored pieces with elements of chic femininity. CAR|2IE garments are described as "luxurious and daring" – ideal when seeking to create an inspired vision perfect for everyday wear that can translate to an individuals' mood and lifestyle.

"The inspiration of SS19 is from the book of "The Little Prince"', explains Carrie. "The author Antonine de Saint-Exupéry told the readers from the beginning: "All grown-ups were children once (but most of them have forgotten)." The designer continues, "when The Little Prince visits different planets, at the end he would say, "grown-ups really are very strange". "It is because the grown-ups from other planets are only insisting on compliance, vanity, authority, and money. But there is nothing meaningful in The Little Prince world. When we are chasing compliance, vanity, authority, and money, do we ever think in our life, do we really need those? Maybe there are so many other valuable things for us to go for. Sometimes our minds get twisted and need to be reminded from a child."

Exuding editorial vibes of avant-garde excellence, CAR|2IE delivers pieces of modern fairytale dreams that young women can't help but fall for.

words by Katie Farley


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