Chloe Nezianya


Chloe Nezianya
Words By: Katie Farley

An emerging designer who is unashamedly obliterating traditional stereotypes, Chloe Nezianya is trailblazing and re-writing the fashion rule book with her designs which embody Amazonian goddesses and warriors that consequently champion women of all sizes. Her philosophy is to design for the female who is strong, confident, and unapologetically sexy, with the additional concept that women can construct their identities through the vehicle of fashion.

Throughout her designs, Chloe turns her gaze to the larger lady, acknowledging that it is particularly problematic to break from the antiquated and stagnant dressing aesthetics that we have been led to believe is idealistic. “I believe that women should not have to compromise comfort over style” explains Chloe, “and in order to do this, designers must take the responsibility to consider how to empower women through dress.”

The designer’s research is extracted from Amazonian goddesses and warriors, pulling creative inspiration from the dramatic drapes that clothe the large, statuesque females, who have been identified throughout mythological and historical references. A woman can experience the comfort of the pliable materials and the luxury of the drape, which exquisitely contours the body, achieved by using several weights of power mesh and lace.

“My motivation comes from a distinct lack of luxury fashion houses that have attempted to accommodate every woman despite consumer desires” deciphers Chloe. “My aim is to introduce the luxury market to a new way of inclusivity without compromising their brand identities, through dressing the plus-size woman with the same care and consideration that they would dress any other consumer. Instead of grading patterns to 5x the original size or adding a few inches to the length of a garment; I believe we should consider the use of fabrics and dimensions to enhance the relationship between clothing our bodies in the best way. My pattern pieces are structured to complement and stretch around a woman’s curves in the most forgiving and comfortable way by following contours of the body and avoiding areas of uncertainty or the self-conscious.”

Her final graduate collection, recently created at Kingston School of Art, materialized as a rather challenging journey, albeit, received much critical acclaim by her peers and other like-minded people. The positivity surrounding Chloe’s focus on womenswear and plus-size therefore accelerated her drive to develop the clothing line.

“There is a bustier in my current collection that is made entirely from heavy power mesh and decorated with light power mesh with boning inserts that I love. At the time I was designing this I thought about my own wardrobe staples that I am able to wear without a bra and still feel confident in (I am a G cup) – which was little to none. When I tried my first sample of it, I was ecstatic to feel comfort and ease of wearing something that usually I would never dream about wearing without tonnes of support underneath.”

The embroidery in the collection was sponsored by Swarovski, the Crystal Bordeaux pearls used on shirts and handmade jewelry are a personal favorite of the designer’s. Additionally, Chloe has 3D printed charms made in collaboration with product designer Louis Cox with some intricate designs and her logo embossed.

Chloe Nezianya delivers an inspiring perspective of the plus-size female, where they can exude an array of confidence, elegance, and boldness, courtesy of the empowering qualities the designer’s garments possess.