Emporio Armani Returns to Soho


Emporio Armani
returns to Soho

Image Courtesy of Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani returns to Soho with a new store at 134 Spring Street in the heart of the historic Cast Iron District, over two decades after it first opened on West Broadway in 2000. Giorgio Armani considers Soho as the essence of New York, a cultural epicenter that constantly changes and upgrades. He sees it as a fitting neighborhood to re-open the doors of Emporio Armani and welcome back the relentless energy of the city. 'It is here, in the most authentic downtown, that style, ideas, and creativity are born and intertwined, with an immediacy that is mirrored in its unmistakable architecture, now firmly etched into the collective imagination,' says Giorgio Armani.

The Emporio Armani in Soho inhabits an early twentieth-century building with a trompe l'oeil eagle design on the side. The flagship store, the only one in New York to date, stays faithful to the original interior design, a decision that Giorgio Armani and the design team consciously made. The brick walls remain exposed, alongside the metal ceiling, cast-iron columns with capitals, and authentic dark oak floor. Stepping to the back of the shop, natural light pours in from the long skylight, illuminating the expansive accessories area.

Exhibiting continuity comes to the forefront of the Soho store’s interior concept. The collections are showcased in the center of the space, a first for the Italian luxury brand, as a way to underline unobstructed cohesion of display and shopping experience. Visitors can freely roam around the flagship store and visibly see the men's and women's clothing and accessories collections that are complemented by a selection of watches, eyewear, and jewelry. Thematic sets with ad-hoc lighting change from time to time too to shift and adapt the tone of the displayed seasonal collections.

Light and dark come into play through the white paint on the ceiling that contrasts the preserved dark oak floor. Light and linear furnishing elements allow the collections to take the limelight such as the metal hangers that descend from the ceiling and the slender black metal shelves on the red brick walls. The mark of Emporio Armani’s celebratory comeback to New York is ushered by a 90s-inspired collection sold exclusively at the Soho space which includes a dinner jacket, coat, and formal Prince of Wales suits for men, and cocktail dresses entirely covered in sequins and soft suits with defined shoulders for women.

Emporio Armani’s ties to New York are reinforced in the new Autumn/Winter 2023/24 advertising campaign where black-and-white photographs that Gregory Harris captured feature models against the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline, a clear homage to the Emporio Armani Magazine. The return of Emporio Armani to New York conveys the renewed vigor and newfound awareness Giorgio Armani has for the city and the neighborhood of Soho. “Never invasive, my new Emporio Armani shop fits seamlessly into the context, paying homage to the urban landscape and reflecting our unwavering commitment to sustainability,” says Giorgio Armani.
His return not only represents a vibrant homecoming for Emporio Armani but also embodies a profound appreciation for the city's dynamic spirit and the enduring allure of Soho. With a design that seamlessly integrates into the urban landscape and a resolute commitment to sustainability, Giorgio Armani's vision for the new Emporio Armani store in Soho exemplifies a profound dedication to both artistry and environmental consciousness, ensuring the brand's legacy lives on for generations to come.