Words by Katie Farley

The meaning of Amberjack equates to a fish. This fish, with its grandiose size and identifiable yellow strip that is adorned down the body, represents the symbolic value of the upcoming fashion brand.

Recently established in the Fall/Winter of 2016, Amberjack is a womenswear label which embodies a fusion of drastic, feminine and minimal zeitgeists. Additionally, throughout their aesthetics comes an incorporation of contemporary and understated qualities that is furthermore exemplified among the key concepts of vintage and retro throwbacks. This vision appears evident amid their past and present collections, where the upcoming brand often attains a nod to 90s nonchalant styling and carries a cool girl charm.

From Seoul, Amberjack is creativity made up by Korean design duo, Sooa, and George. As founders and creative directors, surprisingly neither of the brainchildren behind the innovative brand pursued higher education in fashion design. Notwithstanding, the team of two decided to employ their diverse industry experiences, such as stylist and fashion marketer, to construct their womenswear label. Amalgamating the two professions has proved to be an exciting and worth-while result for Sooa and George, who are advocates of teamwork visionaries, consequently eliminating the need of attaining qualifications in order to become successful.

How did you originally immerse yourself into fashion?

In fact, my major is in journalism, but I have always loved fashion. After graduation, I worked for two years at Fashion PR Agency. Throughout this time, I experienced working with national and overseas brands, and I naturally assumed that such thoughts would develop into the creation my own brand. After a year of preparation and self-study, I launched my own label ‘AMBERJACK’ and now I am working as a brand director, designer, and stylist.

Are there any specific designers who inspire you, and if so, for what reasons?

Marc Jacobs is a designer who I have always admired ever since I was a child. It was the first time I had ever wondered about fashion brands. I was especially intrigued with the grunge mood of one of Marc Jacob’s collections in the 90’s, which still to this day, is very stimulating to me.

How would you personally identify your signature design aesthetic?

I have no bounds regarding design. But I believe for the third seasonal collection it was very important when I embarked on the designing process and whilst selecting the fabrics, that I create an old, albeit stylish mood. Due to the fact that AMBERJACK is based on the retro vintage concept, I feel it is important to give a sense of both oldness and modernity at the same time. Especially, given that our signature is a logo, I feel bliss when I see the harmony of our cute label adorned onto refined, sensibility clothes.

Explain your inspiration behind your latest Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

I find I always get inspiration from my family. Socially, at a time when the 90’s fashion came back, I remembered my sister a lot when I was young. She is 11 years older than me, so she was always the subject of my longing. For this season, I reinterpreted the atmosphere in my sister ‘s closet, garments that I tried to wear in my childhood. During the designing process, I recalled my beautiful sister and decided that the season’s theme would go by the name of, ‘Welcome Back My Sis’.

What are the key fabrics, textures, and colors within your ‘Welcome Back My Sis’ collection?

This season, I used a lot of AMBERJACK’S signature vibrant color, yellow, along with fuzzy brown and navy, which cannot be missed in a recalling mood. Nylon with a light tone, which is a flimsy yet lightly rusty material, and a particular mood is radiated throughout an old embroidered jacket, complete with PVC fabric.

How would you overall describe AmberJack?

AMBERJACK is a refined retro vintage concept that aims to be a drastic, feminine, minimalist mood. AMBERJACK is a kind of fish, also called big fish, which shows the symbolic value of the brand. It is the fish my father, an angler, catches the most, and indeed there is a bright yellow line in the center of the fish. The yellow color is absolutely symbolic of the brand AMBERJACK.

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