Astrid Andersen


Astrid Andersen

Words by Katie Farley

An advocate for premium casual wear infused with a sports inspired vision, Astrid Anderson is the new name to note amid the luxury athleticism fashion market. Gaining much attention and praise as an exciting, upcoming brand in luxe menswear, the Danish label promises to deliver comfort as the underlining styling and quality as an unremitting signature of its kind.

The young designer graduated in 2010 from The Royal College of Art and has since achieved much acclaim, including obtaining support from Fashion East installations, MANSHOW and not to mention receiving awards from the NEWGEN sponsorship scheme, six seasons over. Today, Astrid Andersen is illustrating further grandeur by showing as an independent designer, twice a year, at the prestigious London Fashion Week Men’s event.

Obtaining a hunger for pushing the boundaries in a new found luxury, whilst staying grounded and being a reflection of today’s dressing reality, is the overriding concept for Astrid Andersen. Throughout her collections, the designer ultimately plays homage to men who endeavor to dress courageously and have a valuable point of view. Not afraid to experiment with unfamiliar stylings when it comes to men’s dressing, Andersen frequently applies an amalgam of somewhat feminine fabrications, iridescent, prints, patterns, metallics, intricate embroideries and vivid colors amid her highly creative works.

Each season the brand’s latest collection appears even more adventurous than the last, exploring unique territories and introducing innovative elements that conjure intrigue and excitement. This understanding and appreciation of creativity are indeed reflected among Anderson’s loyal crowd of fashion followers, where it is never uncommon for the upcoming designer to spot local guys on the streets proudly parading her designs. Follow the brand on Instagram and you will notice the incredible distance the Anderson label travels to, something which she is immensely taken back by, given the short amount of time the label has been in existence. She is inspired by what garments her supporters wear and how they style each look, which in turn, triggers new ideas for her future collections.

Andersen’s success is now unmistakable, as during the spring/summer 2018 season she presented her latest collection amid a sea of iconic industry influencers, including Yves Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren. Channelling a theme of ‘safari’, albeit not in its predictable sense, the designer illustrated an amalgam of unorthodox offerings that unquestionably captured much curiosity. Iridescent lace on hats, logoed sweaters, and panels on parkas, as well as non-traditional sportswear fabrications such as crushed velvets, bird-and-floral silk prints, and feminine tweeds were seen applied on to racer back vests and tracksuits. These tracksuits were injected with a slight formal wear edge, whilst overall the collection appeared noticeably more paired down (well, at least by Andersen’s standards), in contrast to her previous opulent showings.

Since the label designed its first line of womenswear for autumn/winter 2017, Astrid has captivated interest amid a flurry of feminine fans, none more so than the rapper, M.I.A. The music artist and upcoming fashion talent have recently collaborated for M.I.A’s looming world tour, and have collectively designed a cohesive collection of sports-inspired pieces. In a striking palette of orange and black, the sartorial array features t-shirts, anoraks and tracksuit trousers, combining sport, simplicity, function, and futurism that perfectly coincides with the rapper’s style. The foreseeable adventures of Astrid Andersen are sure to evoke much inquisitiveness and anticipation.

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Warm Strength

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By the Grace

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Dream Theory

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Woman’s Day with Furla

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Bally AW 2020

Christopher Kane AW 2020
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Christopher Kane AW 2020

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Color Shift

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