Christopher Kane


christopher kane

Words by Katie Farley

The muse for the London heavyweight designer transpired as a domestic goddess for spring/summer 2018. “It’s about the perfect wife with a cleaning habit but she’s slowly breaking inside,” said Christopher Kane, much like the typical characters Julianne Moore frequently adopts, where her world is chaotic yet her hair remains immaculately presented. The subject matter arrived as a natural step on from his factory theme of last season.

Throughout the collection, an array of typical domestic components was seen re-appropriated by Kane, styled in the unique way that represents him as a modern-day designer. From washing line clips that pinned garments together to mops that were transformed into silk fringes which adorned dresses.

A sense of resourcefulness continued, with a black shiny patient coat having doilies made into the collar and cuffs whilst a shower curtain was crafted into a skirt and styled with a slashed sweater. The humble mop made another appearance and this time inspired the creation of voluminous white tops and skirts, while another skirt which featured layers of rippling ruffles was a reflection of bone china figurines, dressed in flouncy ball gowns.

A sense of kinky fetish additionally materialized throughout the pieces, with an obvious nod to the season’s fast emerging trend: transparency. Floral dresses that looked as though they had been crafted out of freezer-bags were sheer as they were sexy with thongs on show. Earring made out of tantalizing fringing sparked sexual tension and was once more inspired by the mop.

With the inclusion of almost every household item imaginable, eveningwear did not go without the collection’s unfailing theme. Evening dresses came sparkly and sponge-like in fondant-pink sweet confections, appearing as though the woman was being caged, whilst sheer lace nightgowns acted as additional nightwear pieces. Even a long sparking dress was designed from a hospital gown. Reinterpretations at its finest!



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