Jairo Díaz

Jairo Díaz


Jairo Díaz

Jairo Diaz wants you to wear his designs forever. “Our firm is totally timeless,” says the young designer, “I try to find the inspiration of each collection in the most hidden part of our being.” After the launch of his line in the small town of Granada in 2011, far south of the Spanish fashion capitals of Madrid and Barcelona, it was clear that Diaz had no intention of taking the easy way to the top.

When speaking of minimalism, it’s fair to say that Spain isn’t the first country that comes to mind; Diaz begs to differ. With a focus on artisanal production (including technological silk and 100% made-in-Spain textiles) and clean-cut lines, Diaz has created what he calls “Andalusian minimalism”. His F/W18 color palette is simple, composed nearly completely of bright reds and blues. Diaz uses geometric cuts to bring out the hidden lines of the body, pursuing a timeless garment “that seeks the elegance and dynamism of today’s society.”

“The colors are part of the feelings and popular festivals of the Alpujarra. . . intense red, boiler-tone burgundy that gives the contrast of sunset, blue tones of sunny days, the mixture of aquamarine tones and the pattern of the blackbirds that perch in their nests.” Diaz’s vision calls to mind idyllic whitewashed villages in the rolling hills of Andalucia, with long summer days stretching into the horizon, washed away with wine and tapas on cobblestone streets. His designs are inextricably linked to his unmistakable passion for the place he calls home.

The most recent collection, The Nomads of Society, is heavily inspired by the vibrant culture of Andalucia, especially the popular festivals of the villages of the Alpujarra, a mountainous region on the south slopes of the Sierra Nevada near Granada. The line’s designs are intended for the independent-minded among us, those who thrive in the depths of their own singularity.

“The product we offer is for people who feel unique and need, in their day-to-day [life] or at some special time, a garment that makes them remember that moment.”

“Nomads of Society”
Photographer: Sara Ramos
Make-up & Styling: Jorge Fortes.
Models: Eva Anais Gutfreund & Sergio Espinar.

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