Kira Goodey


Kira Goodey

All Photos taken backstage at Namilia during NYFW by Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer

Words by Katie Farley

Western Australian designer and bespoke shoemaker Kira Goodey crafts highly innovative footwear spectacles that creatively blend a unique fusion of both traditional techniques and modern technologies. Originally from the other side of the world, working as a costume and mascot maker as well as a fashion designer, Goodey transitioned to London to pursue the position of the Womenswear Print Designer under the legendary helm of Alexander McQueen. Shortly after the news of the iconic British designer’s untimely passing, an apprenticeship followed, which focused on shoemaking with bespoke London based shoemakers Paul Thomas and Iliaz Iliazi. Lady Gaga, Grayson Perry, and Angelina Jolie were just a few of the noted names who donned the shoes whilst Kira was assisting at the footwear practice.

In early 2013, Goodey fully immersed herself in the shoe industry and established her own unique label, Scarlet Fever Footwear. Unique scarcely covers the description of the melodramatic and otherworldly designs that occupy eighty hours of craftsmanship labor per pair. The shoes are explicit conversation pieces that are unapologetically audacious with a severe injection of character that boldly exhibits an idiosyncratic personality of their very own. If ever a woman desired a pair of shoes to do all the talking, she will not have to look any further than Scarlet Fever Footwear.

As stated on the label’s online platform: “Each pair is lovingly handcrafted using traditional shoemaking techniques. These are combined with a contemporary design aesthetic to deliver beautiful statement shoes that are completely unique and one of a kind.”

Traditional craftsmanship is the fundamental and creative foundation that encompasses Kira’s aesthetic, with a strong sense of precision, quality and individual artistic expression that is unquestionably evident throughout. The upcoming designer who has recently been awarded a Master’s degree in footwear at London’s Royal College of Art ensures that no two pairs of shoes are ever the same, applying pioneering experimentations with both conformist and novel materials.

Despite being all completely functional, Goodey never objects to pushing the boundaries with regard to her creative design limits, infusing a sculptural sensibility amid her highly eye-catching and prolifically artful works. Reminiscent of McQueen’s masterpieces and underlying ideologies, Zoe’s shoes blur the lines between dark and light, good and evil, virtue and vice. Fetishist symbolism juxtaposed with a bold color palette further portrays her eccentric vision. The range of footwear’s evokes a somewhat alluring, aggressive sexuality that offer intimidating yet comical qualities.

Goodey’s recent works have been in collaboration with Berlin-based womenswear brand Namilia’s SS18 collection. Entitled “The Indiscreet Jewels”, the conceptually beautiful collection crafted by both Royal College of Art graduates was unveiled with anticipation during New York Fashion Week. Hints of fetish, historicism and couture finery result in the impudent and rebellious nature of the shoes. The shocking sight of the platform silhouette that occupies a devilish 12-inch heel transpires as a striking standout amid the visually intoxicating collection that occupies many more fascinating sights.

The overtly theatrical and empowering nature of Kira Goodey’s innovations are categorized in a field of their own and subsequently are unlike any other shoes that have ever been seen before. Outrageous and alluring in each and every stride.

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