Words by Katie Farley
Identical twin siblings Soull and Dynasty Ogun are the idiosyncratic and dynamic design duo behind L’enchanteur. The name which signifies the ‘Enchanted Ones’, L’enchanteur is a luxury concept brand whose creative pieces are inspired by a dichotomy of mediums that result in highly authentic and intriguing outcomes. Science, color theory, numerology, religion, mythologies, magic, and fairytales artfully encompass the brand’s ideologies that capture each, individual piece.

Their clothing, jewelry and lifestyle items collectively aspire to tell a story of craftsmanship, whilst at the same time readdresses the importance of an heirloom. Arriving with their motto ‘Transform Your Lifestyle’, it is Dynasty and Soull’s fundamental intention to strive towards creating an innovative design decorum that sees them on an upward and unknown journey.

Evoking a spectacular and mindful approach to fashion design, BRZÉ and Alkhemi9 were the names of the twin’s individual clothing and jewelry lines before they collectively came to the decision to amalgamate their creative visions to explore a new, inventive path. This artistic philosophy resulted in L’enchanteur becoming a reality, where Soull and Dynasty echoed their passions for blurring gender lines and developed an idea that has today metamorphosed into a pioneering design concept.

The upcoming design house is based in Brooklyn, New York, where Soull and Dynasty carry great pride in attaining the self-satisfaction of handcrafting all items themselves. Together, with the additional assistance from local artisans who contribute to a hand touched finish to each item, they design clothing, jewelry and lifestyle objects that resonate a united and unique outcome.

The twins acknowledge that their journey into the world of design was ultimately inevitable, given their family attains extremely creative, artistic roots that therefore ran through their veins and was something that was waiting to be rediscovered. Aside from the spirituality and hybridity themes that travel through L’enchanteur’s collections, other underlying leitmotifs are hidden and obvious, words that need to be translated by the observer that look on the surface of the pieces and beyond. Being twins, their designs naturally prove to complement and enhance each other’s, albeit they, of course, have separate ideas that mirror the characters themselves.

The design duo exudes a somewhat ostentatious and striking physical style presence of their own, sometimes appearing casual and other times majestically formal. They can discover inspiration in almost anything they lay their eyes on; whether it’s a caterpillar, a homeless man, royalty, or ancient peoples and places of the world, Soull and Dynasty take these subjects and aim to explore the essence of what it can be transformed into. This concept is translated into their own design pieces.

L’enchanteur’s latest collection is entitled ‘Her’, which witnesses a creative cohesion of mainly original yet alluring, contemporary accessories and statement sartorial items. The minimal clothing pieces include denim jeans with a ‘YES’ print sporadically emblazoned and Victorian-inspired corsets. The jewelry elements offer fluid bangles, globed rings, statement sterling silver neckpieces, bottles of potion and oversized gold floral engraved anklets that imbue a collective essence of empowerment and whimsical fantasy.

If you’re fortunate enough to adorn yourself in the world of L’enchanteur, an empowering self-expression, a sense of character and an original luxury will, as the brand’s byword suggests, ‘Transform Your Lifestyle’.

Blanc Dance Party
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Moses Sumney | Me in 20 Years

Singer Julia Jacklin
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Julia Jacklin

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