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Mariam Al-Sibai

Fashion Designer Mariam Al-Sibai is of Syrian descent and was born and raised in the city of London. Currently based in the Los Angeles, her passion for artisanal craftsmanship and culture resonates throughout her namesake brand. We asked the designer about her work and inspiration.

Tell us about your background. What were your fondest memories of your childhood?

My fondest childhood memories would have to be the time spent with my family in our country home in England, the house my mother became up in. My extended family is very close, so my aunts, uncles, and cousins are more like my siblings. Uniting together in the country house, spending parts of our summer and winter holidays together was priceless. We (siblings and cousins) would reenact plays that we would have seen in the theatre, dressing in makeshift costumes that we would find and put together ourselves.

How did you first get into Fashion?

I think fashion, dressing up, and putting outfits together has always been a big part of my life. Whether the fashion choice was good or bad, I’ve always spent a long time thinking about what to wear and how to style my outfits. I officially started working on my personal collection when I moved to the USA. I then completed a degree in fashion design at FIDM when I lived in LA which enabled me to kickstart my career as a fashion designer.

How would you describe your fashion label?

I would describe it as classic and contemporary and not trend based. It is for women of all ages, race, and faith. My fits are bold and classic, although they do have an edge to them which is uniquely designed for an acquired taste. I like to feel that women who wear my pieces have a unique flair for fashion.

How has your heritage affected your sense of style and how you design clothes?

I think both my heritage and life experiences have played a role in affecting the way I style and design my pieces. Growing up with close ties to my roots in Syria has definitely had an effect on the choices in color and perhaps with some of the silhouettes I choose. For example, the Ali Baba trouser is specifically derived from the traditional dress of Syrian farmers.

Can you talk about your next project/collection?

Our next collection will be for the warmer months of spring and summer and will be a mini collection to focusing again on quality rather than quantity. Choosing to focus on quality is very important to me. I can’t give away too much but again there will be an emphasis on a specific type of clothing that is something I’ve really been into for the warmer months. The cuts will be classic/contemporary pieces that you won’t be throwing away the following spring/summer. Other projects include collaborations that I am super excited to release. We will be working with a very talented artisan who is a master of her craft and I can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to!

Describe yourself in one sentence.

I am a hardworking, dedicated and spiritual person who loves and feeds off positivity and good energy, spending priceless time with family and exploring the world and culture through travel.

The Timeless Capsule Collection
Photographer: Michelle Terris
Model 1: May Daniels
Model 2: Trudi Forristal
Pieces and styling: Mariam Al-Sibai



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