Nicholas Nybro


Nicholas Nybro

Words by Katie Farley

A fashion designer who evokes intrigue and drama amid his sartorial creations and art direction, Nicholas Nybro is an unparalleled and forward-thinking talent who is a pioneer of Scandinavian style, and then some. Extracting inspiration from adventures, his collections are negotiated through small, independent narratives, which come to life via highly conceptual and sophisticated ensembles. Intermingling a working symphony built up of fashion and costume, Nicholas’s creations result in an abundant of masterful silhouettes that are both spectacular and theatrical.

Using fashion as the fundamental framework to illustrate his creative expression is achieved through what he sees and experiences throughout the world. Adopting an early passion for performing when Nybro applied his animated dexterities as a child actor, it was fashion that naturally followed and when amalgamated, became an artful tool that is nothing less than extraordinary. The upcoming designer was born in 1981 and throughout his adolescence immersed himself in the world of creative arts, where he longingly aspired to apply his passions to a career. In 2009, Nicholas graduated from the Design School of Kolding and in the autumn of the same year, he acquired H&M’s Design and Innovation Award for his retirement collection. Los Angeles came calling in 2010 when the new industry graduate began work for Moonspoon Saloon, a Danish fashion company. The aftermath of this experience set his creativity into motion and in 2011, decided to establish his personal brand, with his debut collection being unveiled in the spring/summer of 2015 during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The human body and the many perceptions that surround bodily ideals, which seem to constantly be addressed amid the fashion industry serves as the inspiration behind Nicholas Nybro’s spring/summer 2018 collection. Naturally entitled “The Human Body”, the designer recalls the somewhat negative connotations that are echoed from fashion and transforms them into something quite beautiful via garments which include, bodily draping’s and idiosyncratic, voluminous silhouettes.
“I always design my collections with an important topic in mind”, vocalizes Nicholas Nybro. “I chose the body because I believe there is so much around us, both in the world and in fashion that tries to dictate the perception of the perfect body. We have become so timid and afraid to show our bodies and display what is underneath the clothes, which should be so natural.” His latest style offerings are therefore a thought-provoking accolade to the human anatomy and its multiple different aesthetics that continuously alter throughout a lifetime.
Additional thoughts are channeled through the accumulation of muscle that champions the athletic aesthetic. Nybro applies natural bodily changes and effectively incorporates them into his designs, for example, old age skin is seen to be fashionably metamorphosed into elegant bodily drapings. Being an overall celebration of differentiating physiques, the designer decided to include a range of varying shapes and sizes to project a realistic element, showing how fashion can look beautiful on everyday individuals with diverse bodies.
“It’s tiresome to say that fashion only presents itself nicely on tall, skinny models – if that’s the case then isn’t something very wrong with the clothes?” suggests Nicholas.
Ethereal blues and beiges are juxtaposed with darker warmer browns amid a series of layered and lightweight slick outwears, jumpsuits and graceful gowns. The collection extends through to voluminous, eye-popping creations that are sumptuously rendered with ruffles and tulles. Garments were interspersed with naked models that radiated an overall empowering message.
This collection was to be Nybro’s final sartorial offering for a while at Copenhagen Fashion Week, as he wants to use this time effectively to contemplate and explore fresh ideas and examine fashion’s endless capabilities. Watch this space.



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