Words by Katie Farley

Originally founded in September 2013, Öhlin/d is a contemporary women’s ready-to-wear brand. Adopting a natural, quirky and lasting sense of style, the Öhlin/d muse isn’t one to over analyze her sartorial choices and approaches all aspects of life with a clear and open mind.

The brains behind the brand consist of three individuals; creative director Jacob Park, designer Sinéad Lawlor, and president Anne Dean. Collectively, they have curated a label in which they are pioneering advocates of an environmentally and socially mindful market. They promote themselves as sustainably respectful activists, additionally adhering to environmental and animal cruelty-free standards.

Essentially, Öhlin/d focuses less on the severity and rather proceeds to attain a fun, fresh and easy zeitgeist. They design collections that do not necessarily comply with keeping up-to-date on the latest trends and instead aims to find a second skin that the wearer can feel comfortable and confident in.

Being a sustainable fashion brand failed to become part of the Öhlin/d philosophy at the beginning of their journey, and instead, they aimed to channel fashion as a priority. Today, the ethical side transpires as a major factor of their brand identity, championing their commitment towards creating desirable clothing whilst manufacturing consciously. Öhlin/d strives to craft heirloom quality apparel and goods, which, with adequate care can be respected for a number of years.

Their values further demonstrate their passion for recycling fabrics, where currently 75% of all their garments are reused and 80% of the material remains are upcycled, with a goal to attain zero waste. Öhlin/d employs The Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which assesses sustainability and ethical production targets that frequently feeds the brand with a level to progress upon. The upcoming label’s values delineate the Öhlin/d mindful manufacturing process, at the same time as preserving the company accountable.

Arriving with a ‘sustainable’ identity can often prevent consumers from buying into a fashion brand, as typically with many ethical companies, style does not appear top of their agenda. Albeit, the same argument cannot be said for Öhlin/d, whose vibrant and whimsical aesthetic abolishes any miss-preconceptions that sustainability and taste cannot harmoniously amalgamate.

Öhlin/d’s collections evoke a strong sense of high fashion, with wonderful staple separates, statement dresses and edgy silhouettes, infused with striking colors and alluring prints. An additional key factor within the brand is that they collaborate with a new contemporary artist each season, whereby Öhlin/d celebrate the artist’s innovative artworks amid their design process. Previous talents that have been supported and delightfully decorated onto garments include names such as Jenny Tsiakals (spring/summer 15’), Savanna Barrett (fall/winter 15), Sam Stewart (fall/winter 16) and Devin Rutz (spring/summer 17’).

For their latest Resort 2018 collection, Öhlin/d encompasses an effortlessly cool array, which will draw transitional comparisons to their forthcoming spring collection. The eco-friendly line gives a nod to relaxed silhouettes with an amalgam of denim, blanket checks, and sheer chiffons. Oversized denim jackets with ruffle detail on the back, languid ballerina dresses with glitter dot appliqués, ethereal white baby doll numbers and asymmetrical checks on laid-back slip dresses create an idyllic range that merges fun and feminine in equal measures. ohlin-d.com

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