Relax Baby Be Cool


Relax Baby Be Cool

Words by Katie Farley

Relax Baby Be Cool is an infectiously stylish, modern-day brand that is dedicated to all the timeless eccentrics. Established by Estonian-born mother and daughter creative duo, the unique, upcoming label fuses an assortment of colors and themes inspired by the Far East and European areas. Throughout their eclectic fashion collections, Relax Baby Be Cool heavily features an array of clashing prints that are adorned onto exquisite tailoring, made for both men and women. Their designs are exclusive, handmade, and truly one-of-a-kind, created from exotic cotton and crafted with cool air, impressive attention to detail, and above all, passion.

The brand’s philosophy is beautifully and poetically illustrated on their captivating online platform, which gives the reader an insight into Relax Baby Be Cool’s authenticity…

“From the henna hands in the bright stalls of Jakarta, in the torn mochila over Singapore and Amsterdam, through the blue eyes of relentless seas with Estonian roots of knowledge and experience, Sparked from a situation, ironed with love, touched by the hands of a little magic, and pushed by the mountain.”

The label works in collaboration between textile labors that go back generations, enthusiastic futurists and helping hands which prove to be instrumental in the overall craftsmanship that defines Relax Baby Be Cool. With a sense of solidarity amongst countries, cultures and passionate visionaries, their desire transpires as a fundamental component, which they project with the aim of making the little world we live in just a bit cooler.

Authentic Indonesian batik emerges as the identifiable signature that continuously runs through the brand’s works. Their magnetizing patterns blended with an extraordinary love for chic, clashing colors is seen decorated onto a spectacular collection of relaxed, tailored outfits. Batik, with a legacy of ancient traditions and Spanish leather which holds premium and historical qualities that is acknowledged to be the finest in the world, further contributes to the modern touch and exceptional quality that makes Relax Baby Be Cool who they are today. Their beautiful, striking hues and atypical patterns that are accentuated through relaxed silhouettes, no-fuss cuts, and timeless clean Northern lines reflect the label’s aesthetics. Furthermore, all garments are original and limited.

RBBC’s latest autumn/winter 2017 collection, entitled ‘The Empire State of Mind’ additionally explores an ode to batik. A series of women’s blazers, wide legged trousers, short and long sleeve button up dresses, and midi skirts are showcased through a riot of color and pattern that deliver undeniable, unique style. Preconceptions that tailoring pieces should be simplistic and somewhat unimaginative are thrown out the window with this lively sartorial display. A heterogeneous assortment of various batik motifs from eagle-like mythical birds and butterflies to flowers and patterns which represent different Indonesian landscapes are adorned with transitional pieces that could be worn for day or evening.

A multitude of key garments amid RBBC’s array includes vibrant leather detailing’s, in red, yellow, green, orange, brown, electric blue and hot pink with inner linings decorated in gold, silver and dark champagne. For bespoke, original tailoring which imbues modern characteristics, look no further than Relax Baby Be Cool.



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