Viviano Sue


Viviano Sue

PHOTOGRAPHY by Yuji Watanabe

Words by Katie Farley

A dynamic fashion designer who possesses all the creative credentials one would expect from a twenty-first-century influencer, Viviano Sue is an upcoming name to immediately adopt in your fashion lexicon. Combining a spellbinding fusion of drama, stylish intensity, edge, and an unorthodoxy sensibility, House of Viviano Sue unapologetically defines avant-gardism in its entirety. His unique creations pioneer radical and forward-thinking concepts that ultimately push the boundaries of design and innovation. The visionary in question is one that translates as a rule breaker and a wonder of tomorrow.

Having previously traveled and lived in United States, China, and Japan, the designer is located in Tokyo, where all manner of craftsmanship and an abundant of dexterous proficiency are accounted for. Shortly after graduating from Bunka Fashion Graduate University, Tokyo, with a Master’s degree in Fashion in 2014, Sue’s natural instinct to pursue his unequivocal passion for design was inevitable, thus, the birth of his brand became a reality, and has since then exhibited an overtly original, signature aesthetic.

By performing a quick glance through his working archive, it will soon become oh so apparent as to the level of creativity and craftsmanship Viviano Sue has achingly applied amid a handful of collections that have previously been executed. Witnessing obvious connections to couture and bridal transpire as a pastime for the designer, similar accents that can be identified throughout his current works. Within his designs that are elevated to the next level of originality, an encapsulation of Eastern and Western cultures can be cited, amalgamating a selection of culture-specific rudiments that are constructed from a personal selection of shapes, textiles, and colors.

Imbuing an immeasurable eye for structure, detail, and fit, Viviano extracts additional queues from intricate details and subtleties in nature – which include bones and scales and applies them as creative stepping stones towards the imaginative establishment of designing innovative shapes, prints, and forms. The brand prides itself on implementing a superlative, fashion-forward essence that resonates with the trendy, fearless woman. Viviano’s designs, whether they translate into a garment of accessory, arrive with the intention to convey strength, confidence, and beauty to the individual who desires to seek admiration.

“Fleur de vie”, the highly anticipated spring/summer 2018 assemblage from the designer has been described as, “a fresh, more bright and wearable collection fashioned from softer materials and with a lighter color palate than the previous works brought by the house of Viviano Sue. From birth to death, from start to the end, from the germinated sprout to the withering leave. The never-ending cycle of nature is seen.”

Bundles of botanical prints can be referenced amid, from wispy blossoms, charming buds and withering petals seen on an assortment of chiffons, silks, kinds of cotton, polyesters, and other diaphanous garments. The collection, which targets both male and female, additionally features series of baby pink and all black outfits that convey an endearing femininity and a relaxed empowerment in equal measures. A line of exquisitely crafted bags is tailored in clean geometric forms that are evidently stimulated by authentically natural origins. Beautifully delicate headpieces’ complement and enhance each look that once again harks to the elements of nature.

Emitting devilishly desirable and awe-inspiring clothing for the modern-day wearer, Viviano Sue designs for the unique, edgy albeit enthralling, confident kind who isn’t afraid to stand out from the fashion pack.



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