Kalina Kocemba


Kalina Kocemba

All Photos by Ula Kóska

Words by Katie Farley

Residing and designing her enchantingly beautiful and contemporary Collections in Warsaw, Poland, emerging fashion talent Kalina Kocemba is pioneering innovative design that is unquestionably setting the standard for upcoming industry influencers in her native country and the world over. The Polish designer creates clothes that are aesthetically attention-grabbing, ethereal and idiosyncratic – all interestingly rolled into one, with an edgy editorial appeal that emits the wonder of the avant-garde in all its glory. You only have to capture a glimpse of Kalina’s novel thus futuristic sartorial creations to appreciate the fact that despite being a newcomer to the world of fashion and design, her extraordinary conceptions are housed in an entire land of their own.

“Ever since I remember I loved art in general,” says Kalina, who, when contemplating university had originally planned to study industrial design but at the very last moment changed her mind and decided instead to pursue fashion design. “It didn't take much time for me to acknowledge that it's something I wanted to do in the future. This year in March I had my first fashion diploma show, and I could present my collection for the very first time. It was just life that forced me to start my own brand. Luckily I was invited to many different shows and photo shoots. It's been only almost six months since I graduated but I was already presented with so many amazing opportunities.”

2018 has undoubtedly been a crucial year for Kalina so far. Her start-up label was rocketed to the industry’s attention on the international market by entering the launch of the fiercely contested Feeric33 competition as part of Feeric Fashion Week 2018. Kalina triumphed as the winner amid 32 other breakthrough designers and was awarded the prize of global recognition, additionally winning various opportunities to assist her brand’s establishment. The pinnacle prize transpires as a 3-year management contract with The Secret Code of Fashion Agency and Feeric Fashion Week, worth €30,000.

Kalina’s collection that prevailed and her most current sartorial presentation entitled ‘Taken from Nature’, is inspired by the structures and shapes of shells. The intention was to deliberately grasp what is considered most beautiful, inspirational and intriguing in equal measures amid the world of nature, furthermore aspiring to design details that would reflect those that were logically formed. Feminine silhouettes are enriched by reinterpreted and outstanding structures that nods to typical haute couture styles.

White fabric is abundant throughout the collection, which tightly conceals the female form and dominates the majority of looks, creating the illusion of a second skin sensation. This look is apparent in the dichotomy of fleshy, heavy and high-gloss materials that are married with the delicacy and lightness of the tulle. This infusion allows for the two individual aesthetics of innocence, transparency, ephemerality, and self-confidence, remoteness and incomprehensibility to ultimately confront each other. The deep white is intercepted by inserts of nude and beige, which complements each other beautifully. “I focus on tailoring and choice of fabrics,” says Kalina. “I like designing bags and backpacks that match some elements of clothes, and you can clearly notice that.”

The designer further elaborates, “I want my designs to have an impact on people. I don't want them to be emotionless or neutral. I would rather want them to love or hate what I'm doing. I want them to have an opinion when they look at my projects. It's unbelievable how people can change your vision about something.”

Bringing a piece of herself, her thoughts, feelings, character, and vision to the world of fashion, Kalina Kocemba is a name to note.



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