Quincy believes that Knowlita is all about community and the importance of place. The ‘Or Nowhere’ line is designed to draw on one’s feelings of nostalgia

By Thalia Oosthuizen

It doesn’t matter whether you call it home, or whether you have only spend a short amount of time there, it is undeniable that there is nothing better than being embraced by the electric energy of downtown New York. On every street corner, you can soak up a unique flavor, with each vibe summoning its own memories and emotions.
That one-of-a-kind atmosphere is precisely what Quincy Moore, the creative director of Knowlita, set out to capture with his exquisite brand of artistic prints and clothing apparel that has been approved and endorsed by some of the biggest names in celebrity, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Stone, and LeBron James.
Knowlita is known for making pullovers, totes, bathing suits, and cigarette cases, but their truly distinctive style comes from their superb prints, which include something to suit everyone’s taste, from bold fonts and New York City imagery to edgy images.
Knowlita is a love letter to New York, with a special dedication to the Nolita neighborhood, from which the brand derived its name. This neighborhood was the area of Manhattan that first enamored Quincy to New York back in 2010 when he was still an aspiring young journalist. After buying the domain, ( was already taken), Quincy intended to start a blog highlighting his adventures in this downtown district.
However, instead of writing, he started making artistic prints in celebration of New York by simply listing the different street corners throughout the city. This launched his career and has since been growing the Knowlita brand into a massively successful apparel line and creative print agency, which has even worked with top brands such a Nike and Lululemon.
Quincy has never worked in an office, and had never even been to a job interview, but built his brand from the ground up, with values based on authenticity and originality, redefining the old ‘I love NYC’ novelty clothing into something modern and edgy, that both New Yorkers and travelers will want to wear.
Starting as a small, niche neighborhood brand, Knowlita has developed into something bigger than anyone could have imagined. The ‘Or Nowhere’ line has taken the brand global, giving them more exposure than they ever could have expected. As with all of Quincy’s best ideas, this line came to him in a flash, as he describes it. If he has difficulty with a concept, he abandons it, believing that the greatest ideas come to him in an instant, and if he can’t act on the concept immediately, it won’t make the grade.
The new line was first released the ‘New York or Nowhere’ apparel in 2015, following it with the ‘Montauk or Nowhere’ line soon after that at the Surf Lodge in July of the same year. A Saks Fifth Avenue buyer came across Quincy while he was selling in Montauk, and has become their biggest advocate for the brand. After bringing Knowlita into Saks, they received a request from LeBron James’ team to develop a ‘Cleveland or Nowhere’ line.
Quincy believes that Knowlita is all about community and the importance of place. The ‘Or Nowhere’ line is designed to draw on one’s emotions and nostalgia and is determined to ensure that the brand stays original and authentic no matter how big they grow, staying true to their DNA and what they were at the start of the journey.

NYON from Knowlita on Vimeo.


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