Lara Detta


Lara Detta

Words by Katie Farley

Applying her craft with personal inspirations, emerging fashion designer Lara Detta is demanding our attention by creating wearable avant-garde clothing, while channeling a distinct penchant for bold lines.

Residing in Zermatt, Switzerland, Lara attended the Institute of Fashion Design at the University of Applied Science and Arts in North-western Switzerland, where she graduated with a BA. The designer accomplished the Professional Maturity of Art and Design at ECAV in Sierre, and she undertook a 6-month internship in 2014 at London based brand Astrid Andersen, acknowledged for creating exceptional casualwear, infused by a sport-inspired aesthetic that trailblazes a new generation in menswear.

So, what differentiates Lara Detta from other designers? “Probably my approach,” she enlightens. “I never liked looking at existing clothes during the research process. My starting points are often very abstract, starting from a very aesthetic dream I had or a random sentence in my head.” Her passion for drawing and designing started at a very young age when Lara was only four years old, and she still has those fashion illustrations today. “Honestly, designing is just super satisfying to me. There’s like an urge to create something.”

In her latest collection entitled “Body Morphing,” Detta asks the question, “What would it look like if super functional outdoor wear would change to sensitive fluid forms?” She replies, explaining, “edgy outdoor wear gets morphed with sensitive blurry body-abstractions. I have created a strong-sensitive, functional-confuse, clear-abstract collection. The passages are fluid. The different aspects fuse, flow into each other, and blur.”

Stand-out elements within the collection include the earrings, which are created with silicone and silver detail and are the line’s exemplary pieces. “There is a clear connection between the ear and breast, which was the main content of the dream, that was the starting point of the collection. I also really like the piped dress. It’s a very wearable piece, yet with a pretty unconventional pattern.”

Exuding a contemporary essence that is unique in form, Lara Detta’s designs are a masterclass in fashion.


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