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Words by Hannah Rose Prendergast

Miss Fame is a shining example of what it means to be beautiful inside and out. She’s made a name for herself resurrecting glamour and self-confidence in an industry that routinely tells people they’re not good enough. Throughout her beauty-dedicated career, she’s worked as a model, makeup artist, hairdresser, drag queen, reality TV personality on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7, and now, she’s added ‘creator of a self-funded cosmetics company’ to her list.

Miss Fame Beauty launched at DragCon last September with The Fetish of Fashion, comprised of five lipstick shades (deep red, universal nude, peachy nude, high-impact fuschia, and electric blue) and one lavender iridescent glitter that when applied screams, “I’m going to be that lady tonight.”

Choosing lipstick as the starting point, Miss Fame recognized its singularly transformative quality. It’s the last detail she applies to a face of makeup and that staying power goes far beyond the literal sense.

With cheeky name’s like “How’s Your Head,” “The Other Woman,” and “Fame Whore,” these are lipsticks that transition beautifully from day to night, season to season, person and person, and mood to mood; essentially, they “become whatever they need to be.”

As someone who identifies as gender fluid, it was important for Miss Fame to make something that was all inclusive. The Fetish of Fashion shade range is comprehensive and super wearable on any skin tone. Not only that, but the formulations are cruelty-free, hydrating (thanks to the avocado oil), creamy yet precise, and come with a dose of high shine.

Miss Fame says that her goal was to pay tribute to the most glamorous era and her most personally influential: the 90’s supermodel. The collection’s packaging successfully captures their command; it’s equal parts cool, smart, sleek, sexy, and scandalous for those who compare its likeness to a certain sexually charged toy. But those editorial vibes aren’t clouded by some ridiculous price point — a single lipstick retails at just $19.

At its core, Miss Fame Beauty is about blurring gender lines. Citing a time when was drag very much underground, Miss Fame admits, “When I started creating artistry in drag culture, I didn’t know I’d be alluring to a specific genre of fetishes that found me beautiful and wanted me to transform them into what the aesthetic of my artistry could do.”


This venture has come full circle for Miss Fame who is candid about having used makeup to mask her cystic acne. “In the beginning,” she says, “it was my first line of defense when I entered the world...I’ve been able to build a career from what was once my armor, now it’s become my banister of strength.” In terms of what we can expect to see from Miss Fame Beauty in the future, the focus will shift to other facial features and complement what’s already been introduced while maintaining the brand’s authenticity.

As diversity and inclusivity are being championed more than ever, Miss Fame’s career has been able to flourish, but she hopes that this acceptance isn’t something that just blows in the wind as so many things often do in the industry. She explains, “I don’t want to be subject to the same casualty as a trend. I will continue to fight for space, so expect me to be here no matter what.”

Carving out your spot in the world is not an easy task, especially if you belong to a marginalized group. But through her work, Miss Fame has helped expand the consciousness of what it means to be beautiful, and for that, she claims face and leaves an indelible mark.

Full look by Marc Jacobs


Full Look by Marc Jacobs

Produced Exclusively for Blanc Magazine Online


Photographer and Director- Ricardo Rivera

Creative Direction & Production - Teneshia Carr

Cinematographer - Emma Blackman

Stylist - Lisa Nguyen

Makeup- Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen for Miss Fame Beauty

Hair- Erol Karadag

Models- Faith Juggernauth and Irina Aksenova

Beauty Assistant Jacob Geraghty

Hair Assistant Cortney Crace

Photo Assistant- Ivy Phan

Styling Assistant- Tess Lou

Production Assistant- Keigo Wezel

Special Thanks to Wilhelmina Models, The Industry Mgmt, Pier59 Studios

Edited Wednesday February 27th 2019 10:09am


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