Jacob Plant – Eastside feat. Soren Bryce


Jacob Plant – Eastside feat. Soren Bryce

British DJ and record producer Jacob Plant recently released Eastside, featuring American indie-pop musician Soren Bryce. Plant’s driving beats provide the perfect backdrop for Bryce’s captivating voice. Blanc asked the artists about their collaboration on the single.

Could you describe your collaborative process?
Jacob: We actually haven’t even met in real life. The whole process of this song was done over the internet. It’s actually quite common nowadays but it’s funny how things come together. I love Soren’s voice, she sounds so good on the record. It’s great to collaborate with someone who makes completely different music than me, it’s not predictable at all.
Soren: Modern technology is an amazing thing! I had written the lyrics for Eastside in a fun session with two talented friends. I never expected them to make their way onto a dance track! I’m not sure how Jacob found my music initially, but once I heard what he created around my lyrics I was sold. We have very different creative inclinations, but I love being able to bring the two worlds together.

What do you most enjoy about being a musician?
Soren: I feel music is the most sincere way to express yourself.
Jacob: It’s so rewarding when people like your music and it makes them feel something. The other enjoyable thing is playing live and seeing the reaction to your record. Nothing can beat that feeling!

What’s your biggest source of inspiration, outside of music?
Soren: I really enjoy reading. Getting to explore a perspective outside your own really helps you branch out of your own creative ruts.
Jacob: Cooking is a massive part of my life at the moment. I pretty much get the same excitement now from cooking than I do making music. I think it’s such a therapeutic thing to do when you have been really switched on in the studio and staring at a screen all day. It’s also still really creative and you are using your hands so it’s really rewarding when you do it well! Honestly, I could cook all day and not get bored.

What is your musical guilty pleasure?
Soren: Definitely “Hi Bich” by Bhad Bhabie.
Jacob: It’s not really a guilty pleasure but if I’m drunk I like to sing & dance to Paramore’s Hard Times.

What would be your dream gig?
Soren: I’ve never traveled outside of North America, so I’d love to come to Europe and play a show in the near future! I’ve heard great things about the venues there.
Jacob: I would love to play at Red Rocks in America. I love the desert and it looks like an amazing venue!

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