FREEDOM ISSUE – Summer Walker


Freedom is a heavy word, gravid with the hopes and struggles of countless lives throughout the ages. People who took on the burden to fight for change so that we may live our lives free from their strife. This freedom is a gift given to us by our ascendants, and it allows us to find and be our true selves. It allows us the freedom which we celebrate in this issue.

We celebrate self-expression. The freedom to seek out our own truths, and to live that truth, to be uplifted by it. Pare down the false assumptions and expectations that are placed upon us — revealing and nurturing our inner essence.

Our contributors were inspired to be themselves, to express their freedom through imagery, movement, and form. From Brooklyn to Tokyo, Los Angeles to Zanzibar, let these moments of joy inspire you on your journey of self-discovery.

COVER STAR: Summer Walker

One of the most lovable things about Summer Walker is the raw, genuine way she presents herself. If you happen to catch a live performance, don’t be surprised to see the singer sporting a hoodie, focused on her music, keeping eye contact to a minimum. Common themes in her songs are about challenging gender norms, being your authentic self and questioning standards of femininity. Summer is gearing up to take over and has already been named Apple Music’s ‘Up Next Artist of 2019’, gone platinum with “Girl’s Need Love”, and has had over 100+ million music streams. With her honest energy, she inspires us to be who we are.

Summer is wearing Gucci



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