Words By: Katie Farley

For its Fall-Winter 2020 seasonal fashion outing, ADEAM extracts inspiration from a traditional Japanese football game known as Kemari, which was most prevalent during the Heian Period (794-1185 CE). Performed by Japanese aristocrats located in their gardens throughout celebratory festivals and joyous occasions, Kemari was a sport that did not have a competitive nature, and those who participated were adorned in vibrant and decorative kimonos to reflect the jubilant zeitgeist.

ADEAM Designer Hanako Maeda’s objective for the collection was to encapsulate the movement and volume of the Kemari costumes while in action, where capacious profiles were illustrated, along with her sprinkle of “kawaii” and womanly charm witnessed amid elegant ruffles and wide soft belts. These rudiments were accentuated through sculptural evening dresses that featured theatrical flounce hemlines with cascading trains that tumbled from behind, elegantly swaying as the model walked. These Japanese crepe garments were outfitted in sleek matte materials, bedecked in vibrant hues including Burgundy, Sunrise Red and Pine Green that would have been present in garden festivals.

Featuring alongside these ethereal garments were smart suits and dresses in a striped tailoring and silken luxe velvet, concealed with those wide soft belts or decorated with a pleated chiffon ribbon. Athletic apparel presented a strong aesthetic throughout the collection, an inspirational element which was depicted through velvet sporty biker shorts and tailored track pants adorned in smooth reproduction leather, luxurious double-face coating, or masculine plaid coating. Suits were reimagined via quirky styling options, like the ones that featured a timeless tailored jacket paired with track pants, a large ruffle hoodie, or a super feminine billowing trench coat.

The Fall-Winter 2020 collection is in collaboration with Naomi Osaka, an internationally acknowledged tennis star, where collectively, herself and Hanako Maeda discover their proud Japanese heritage and pioneer for an empowering female vision.

Being a country steeped in history, Japan’s culture sees traditional and present-day ethics synchronized, through which modern-day Japanese culture emerges. Throughout the collection, an infusion of classic and contemporary motifs is explored, resulting in a presentation that is cerebral, ladylike, and “kawaii” in equal measures. Typical Japanese features can be identified amid the collection’s architectural seams of the shirting top and silhouettes of the dresses, along with the origami-like drapes. The soft, feminine knitwear pieces that include the ruffled lace items imbue a more contemporary Harajuku girl “kawaii” image.

ADEAM’s Fall-Winter 2020 style story sees a fascinating and unique exploration amid varying aspects of Japanese culture, which describes the modern woman. She is an international resident that combines various elements of culture from her journey to fashion her own realm.