Bally AW 2020


Bally FW 2020
Words By: Katie Farley

Proudly encompassing their Swiss legacy with a contemporary vision, Bally will be celebrating its 70th anniversary next year. The brand’s enduring regard for environmental issues, along with a desire for design innovation, has navigated them through almost seven decades of style success.
For their new season collection, entitled “Purity of Form,” Fall/Winter 2020 uncovers an artful arrangement that consists of organic fabrics, neutral shades, and clean lines, which echo the luxury label’s signature aesthetics and fashionable yet timeless ethos. Throughout the presentation, gentle lines infused with sculptural profiles effortlessly illustrate the honesty and ethos of form.

Starting from the shoe and constructing upwards, each of the Bally looks is created to sustain, always integrating heritage craftsmanship with natural color stylings that unite with fluid lines and textured materials. One after the other, the timeless, sartorial formations are unveiled, poising sophisticated and elemental looks that imbue a sense of freedom.
The new collection features gestural, abstract prints, which extract reference by turn-of-the-century modernist art from Europe, intermingled with textile patterns by Abraham Ltd., from the Swiss archive, in an amalgamation that is entirely unforeseen. Innovative accessories and handbags display individual graphic dimensions, celebrating brand-new signature house hardware.
‘Kaleidoscope’ is revealed as Bally’s Fall/Winter 2020 collection, which welcomes a performance of sensory art. It as an immersive installation which enriches the autumnal message amid understated composition, unifying movement, film, and sound in the discovery of diverse viewpoints, across the ever-evolving fusion of natural elements.

A black and white graphic tunnel introduces the narrative, mirroring the signature motif seen amid the collection. You are about to enter the installation: roles are upturned as visitors negotiate the catwalk, while a crowd travels in the reverse course, inquisitively referring to the significance of considering our place in nature. An honoring of the splendor and supremacy of water and our fundamental connection to the oceans, rain, and ice, concludes in a tempest before giving way to the episodically calm that precedes. The speed of the show reduces, permitting time for revitalization: the heat of the sun and the balm of sparkling water that collects in highland dales, before running through rivers to the sea.
‘Kaleidoscope’ reinforces the ethics of the fashion house in question, with striking silhouettes of models dressed in the new collection, demonstrating how ability, excellence, and progressive tailoring are understood to be timeless. A sequence of visual gemstone prisms drew inspiration from alpine glaciers center attention and amplify detail in footwear and accessories. The installation is a chance to witness things from numerous perspectives, offering a viewpoint that is understanding and aware of its impact upon the Earth.