duendita-‘blue hands’



blue hands
photos by Sandy Ismail

 Hailing from Queens, NY, duendita who has been named Soundcloud’s “Artist to Watch for 2019”, launched the video to 'blue hands' today. This video is following the release of her critically acclaimed album ‘direct line to My Creator’ which she says is a "sweet, existential reflection on the inevitable." blue hands was inspired by the very sad, fatal killing of Maryland woman Korryn Gaines by police officers. When speaking about the song she says, "blue hands is a prayer, written to comfort my friends and I. it expresses the paranoia I felt discovering the police violence I grew up around is systemic, and happens all over the country. the silence of the unaffected was so loud, it changed my life forever. i’m happy to have blue hands begin direct line to My Creator, because it’s exactly what i want to say.” Check out more from duendita here

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