Chromat Fall 2019


Chromat Fall 2019
Words By: Katie Farley

Chromat’s creative director Becca McCharen-Tran made the transition from New York to Miami in November; a decision that has delivered a fresh perspective on her designs. Elements of sunny Florida have informed her latest Fall 2019 collection, employing vivid, saturated hues as seen under the hot sun onto the line’s bikinis, rash guards and eye-popping array of neon and vivid-infused swimsuits. Chromat’s presentation led by example – occupying a sustainable value throughout, as McCharen-Tran has witnessed first-hand the results of ecological wreckage, i.e., not having the ability to swim due to toxic red tides.

Acknowledged as a fashion brand that wholeheartedly advocates a sorry-not-sorry, inclusive thinking, it naturally makes sense that Chromat would additionally desire to contribute to the planets wellbeing. This was achieved by instilling sustainable materials throughout the collection, with specific emphasizes on “where” the fabrics were originated. Regenerated nylon spun from fishing nets saved from the sea along, with an amalgamation of upcycled materials featured in the ethically-minded collection, with models parading plastic trash and net details to assist in illuminating the problem.

Not only was the line celebrated for its sustainable mindfulness, but it also marked the creative collaboration with Reebok, on custom Chromat sneakers. The discussion between McCharen-Tran and the athletic label has been circulating since 2016, so naturally, she has been greatly anticipating its debut.

Her vision was to have her bold neon Chromat X Reebok “Sole Fury” shoes running the South Beach boardwalk at dusk, catching the eyes of many onlookers. The sneakers that arrived pop colored were illustrated in a multiplicity of styles – a number were fashioned with a new highlighter-yellow novelty hoodie with the intention of resembling what you would discover in a gift shop located on the beach.

Labeling the wearer, a Chromat “Babe Guard”, Becca McCharen-Tran exhibited a collection abundant with personality, diversity and a sustainable conscience that was inspiring and pioneering.