Fashion Designer- Ami Park


Ami Park

Images courtesy of designer

Textile driven designer Ami Park constructs her unique fashions in New York, where an innovative and intriguing exploration into the world of concept, design, and material is meticulously undertaken. Originally born in Seoul, Korea, Ami later transitioned to the Big Apple in the pursuit of becoming a fashion influencer, where she graduated with a BFA in fashion design from the Parsons School of Design. Following on from her studies, she embarked on fashioning her debut collection “Mold” – crawling with creative curiosities that embody ground-breaking textile design intertwined with artistic structuring.
With a sincere appreciation for nature, Ami’s designs encompass this theme and are highlighted through the line’s colors and prints. She discovers that at the center of her works, nature is the primary ingredient, which frequently sparks her unforeseen and infinite concepts. “I like how it’s somewhat odd, yet simultaneously original and unique” she explains. “It’s sometimes ugly but can often surprisingly be beautiful.”
The designer thrives on working with naturally advanced philosophies that are undeniably avant-garde and exclusively illustrate a relationship between theory, object, and fabric.
Embroidery and textile manipulation together increase her inquisitiveness, which additionally incorporates a high level of craftsmanship with her own method of contemporary interpretation. Furthermore, Ami is fervent to work in partnership with other artists and designers who are proficient with hand embroidered techniques.
“Craftsmanship is an essential element of my design” confirms Ami. “To me, craftsmanship is a way to display my imagination and draw from my inspirations. The quality of work is contingent upon passion, creativity, and patience. It’s crucial to remember attention to authenticity and originality while working on a project, and these elements make design special.”
Ami’s “Mold” collection extracts inspiration from formations of fungi and is an investigation of pioneering textile in conjunction with innovative development. Technical discoveries with intense exploration and reinterpretation of mold develop more appealing and exceptional design distinctiveness, therefore exposing beautiful craftsmanship, projecting a romantic and contemporary feeling that inspires a sense of artistic playfulness.
“I’d say the collection is a harmony of textiles,” says Ami. “The collection was inspired by scientific curiosity. Even though the concept is pretty experimental but I wanted to make something beautiful, dynamic, rich yet wearable clothes. I tried to interpret and show my version of craft works like embroidery, painting, embellishment, and dyeing techniques were interpreted, followed by biological research and study.”
An assortment of craft techniques and styles amass across the globe, one of which is a traditional craft, which used to be for women and was passed on from one generation to the next. “But I can hardly find such artisan families who still maintain those traditions,” says Ami. “Social circumstances and cultural demands change. I believe that this is unfortunate because the art of traditional craft is soon going to be lost. The world is on the cusp of its fourth industrial revolution, and everything is faster and easier than ever. Jobs have been and will continue to be, replaced by computers. I believe that a large part of the creativity of humanity will, unfortunately, be lost in the process. And these concerns motivate me to challenge myself to think what I can do for the better future of ethical fashion.”
Ami Park expertly blends her passion for traditional textile techniques with unorthodox silhouettes to create clothing that is unmistakably cool yet gives a nod to classically alluring methods.