Halpern AW2020



HALPERN Fall Winter 2020
Words By: Katie Farley

In a collection that sees an unapologetic collision of the seventies, sequins, and bedazzling botanical prints, New York-born, London-based designer Michael Halpern presents his Fall-Winter 2020 story in a dichotomy between the bourgeoisie and the rebellious woman.

Parading an array of show-stopping contrasts, volumes, and prints, the thirty-two-piece collection delivered a much-needed dose of opulence, fun, and exuberance. In a current world that is overwhelmingly unstable, Halpern encourages us to be totally optimistic and enter into a flurry of fantasy and beauty. And for that, we thank him.

The bourgeoisie and the rebel took center stage for the forthcoming season, wherein a community climate of juxtaposes, history is reiterated as orthodox battles with unconventionality in radical power diversions of ideals. Halpern illustrates the sartorial identities utilized by – or credited to subcultures, groups, and classes that, in turn, echo those values. As we arrive in a new era, the fashion attires and closet gestures that were previously allied with an unambiguous time in culture are today liberally re-appropriated and adorned with new-fangled ethics.

Building an independent fashion panorama where the bourgeois identities originated from haute couture and the bold traits derived from sub- and current culture change and proliferate. Instead of instilling specific topics or muses, Halpern’s latest fashion collection evokes a jamboree of clothes, paraded as unbounded tools of expression – for the bourgeoisie and the rebel in equal measures. Retaining the conventional contrasts of British society to start this idea, notions of the upper-class attires of years gone by blend with aesthetics of 1970s London female and beyond.

Delicate embroideries intertwined with capacious draping portrayed the splendor of Halpern’s haute couture collection for Fall Winter 2020. A three-dimensional bloomy jacquard robe appeared elevated with bent sequins, a standout green voluminous balloon gown, a lavish velvet house gown in the most dazzling emerald hue, and a crépe satin dress adorned in shocking pink amplified the overall spectacle of the assembly of attires.

The desirable gestures are seen contrasted by accents of glam rock along with an accelerated sex appeal. This is witnessed through an outlandish denim bustier, skimpy dresses and theatrical flairs in Animalia patterns, trench coats in patent leather featuring obi belts, and a sequin squiggle embellished wrap dress collectively intensified the mood.

The 1970s’ futuristic glass wedged shoes were designed by footwear icon Christian Louboutin and the collection has additionally collaborated with premium denim fashion house J BRAND.

This fashion fairytale intersected the illustrious magnificence of Halpern with the unrivaled denim know-how of J BRAND.