Iyla- ‘Juice’




photographer: EMBRYO

Words by Kate Farley

“Soulful, sweet and a little street” describes the first solo EP; War + Raindrops from L.A. based Iyla whose debut delivers an infusion of new pop-soul that is creatively collided with the arresting feels of R&B and Jazz influence – all together conjuring an innovative and contemporary album.

“My music is inspired by my life,” says Iyla. “Lyrically, I pull a lot from my own experiences, but I also incorporate the stories and lives of my loved ones in my writing as well. I’m inspired by artists who are undeniably original. It’s so fun to dive into someone’s world that they’ve created through art. I’m a big fan of India Arie, Willie Nelson, Nina Simone, George Michael, and Michael Jackson.”

It is Iyla’s objective to be the kind of artist that encourages those to be the most perfectly imperfect version of themselves. Feeling connected to one’s emotions and the power inside them is the spirit Iyla aspires to resonate with those who listen to her music.

“My music ultimately reflects who I am and where I’m at right now, but as an artist, you never stop growing. I look forward to my music growing (as I do) through the different seasons of my journey as a woman. Right now I’m in the mode of creating more artistic visuals to represent my EP ‘WAR + RAINDROPS’ (with my creative director Embryo). My producer Kadis and I are also in the studio building the next musical project. Can’t wait to release more music!” Iyla frequently finds herself applying more paint to the portrait of who she is and the character that is emerging. “Being a woman is colorful.”






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