Juan Vidal


Juan Vidal
Words by Katie Farley
Emerging as the fourth generation of tailors in a family business who have dedicated their lives to fashion, Juan Vidal resides and pioneers his design training in Elda, Alicante, where he established his label in 2012. Initially focusing on men’s tailoring, the brand has since undergone a reimage, illustrating a new and empowering aesthetic.
Creativity and ingenuity are the artful components that the Juan Vidal label is based upon, further infused with tradition and an exceptional emphasis on attention to detail, ultimately situating itself as a distinctive and exclusive fashion house. With the garments attaining an exquisite charm, it is this which makes Juan Vidal’s collections rise above the rest.
Elegant and sophisticated women who desire to live in luxury and experience the freedom to be themselves is the type of person the brand imposes its style and creative ethos upon, with lavish textures and patterns that are wonderfully alluring that conceal the body perfectly. “I usually present the woman with a strong feminine character, and one foot in the past (who we are and where we come from) and another in the present, with the intention of finding a way to the future” explains the designer. “That's why I use certain artisan techniques when creating garments or fabrics, in contrast to the accelerated times following fashion trends. And somehow I try to personalize everything that appears on the catwalk, creating a personal raw material that undoubtedly makes a difference and serves as a tool of expression to illustrate what I am talking about.”
Delivering a unique vision to the design industry, Vidal uses fashion as a method of expression. With the current complexities of femininity reaching an unprecedented high, it is this reason that sparks the designer’s interest when creating, which although might not be new ideas, they are ethics that are of great importance to him. “My aesthetic is evolving continuously, we are influenced by a socio-cultural moment in movement, and that makes my work change with it” enlightens Vidal. “As I said before, it seems that life is cyclical, we can always find a past moment that connects somehow with the present, different concerns that are connected at some point. I find it interesting, and that is the way I present the collections. However, as a creative person, I try not to put up walls because I am always open to new changes.”
Black dresses materialize as the designer’s favorite elements within his current collection this season. He applies an accelerated stylization to the female silhouette bestowing to the desired theme. “This time, these black dresses are the fusion between the Spanish fashion soul of the 60s, with embroidered motifs in glass and silk on contemporary technical fabrics and the ‘apron integrated concept’ into the pattern of the garment.”Avant-gardism that is wearable and wonderful, Juan Vidal is one to watch.