Singer Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin


Don't Know How to Keep Loving You

Julia Jacklin

Words by Martin Colino

"Don't Know How to Keep Loving You," from the sophomore album "Crushing" by Julia Jacklin, is one of our favorite songs of the past year. The Australian indy-folk singer-songwriter weaves powerfully personal lyrics with a soft, sensual voice. Unadorned by autotune or reverb effects, Julia's singing has an honest and naked quality that grabs your attention and doesn't let go. The smooth drums and softly strummed guitar serve to push her voice front and center, where it shines. 

"What if I cleaned up? What if I worked on my skin? I could scrub until I am red, hot, weak, and thin. Too tired to run away. What do I do now? There's nothing left to say. Don't know how to keep loving you, now that I know you so well."

Julia's emotional and heartfelt lyrics speak to anyone who has gone through hard times in a relationship or felt that they deserved more than what they received. It's the kind of stark break-up song that makes you want to reevaluate your own life, take out the trash, and head off on a post-relationship road-trip adventure.