Petrie ‘June’




Photo courtesy of band

words by Jillian Claybrook

Following the 2017 release of their ‘Slurs’ EP, London pop duo Petrie is back on the scene and bringing the summer heat with the release of their new single, ‘June.’ Featuring frequent collaborator, JESS, the track exudes a quintessential summer vibe courtesy of an eclectic yet seemingly perfect layering of electronics including restless keyboards, a boisterous bass synthesizer and a guitar riff that brings it all together. The juxtaposition of sound and content demonstrates the depth and talent of Petrie, as a melody full of playfulness and energy is set against lyrics such as: Everyone around us tells us that we’re through / But I’m in love with June and spending it with you / And although we could cruise all through July / The sun could turn us blind / The sun will turn us blind.

“This is a song for when neither you nor your lover wants to admit the relationship is deteriorating, simply because you want to enjoy a gorgeous summer,” explained Petrie. “No amount of factor fifty is gonna save you from the sun’s deceptively malevolent glare.”

The video, which finds the duo out for a drive complete with icecream in hand and a car full of pink balloons, is befitting of a single that is equally as fun, bright and colorful. Summer may be winding down, but ‘June’ is definitely one to turn up on your next roadtrip to the beach!If you want to catch Petrie live, they will be performing at London’s The Waiting Room on September 20th.





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