L.G.R. v DVF Collaboration


L.G.R. v DVF Collaboration

L.G.R. and Diane von Furstenberg Collaborate on a Special Capsule Collection Celebrating 50 Years of the Wrap Dress

Interview by JeweLie Anderson

Atop a Chelsea terrace on a rainy Tuesday evening lies an intimate gathering at the office of one Diane von Furstenberg. And although the weather calls for a bleak night ahead, the energy that radiates from inside is anything but. What possibly is there to celebrate you ask? None other than the newest collaboration between Italian eyewear pioneer Luca Gnecchi Ruscone and Ms. von Furstenberg, celebrating the 50th anniversary of her iconic wrap dress. 

I pause a moment to take in the space - a hot pink lips sofa and portrait of Diane on one wall, a long wooden desk in front of what must be hundreds of photographs on the other. Adjacent are more funky couches, paintings and a full bookshelf. Looking at the eccentric white leopard print rug beneath me and unique trinkets in the room, I quickly recognize the intimacy of this special event. 

Diane and Luca float about the space, offering drinks and chatting with guests. The room is buzzing and their energy, infectious. Between pungent refreshments and provoking conversation, I had a chance to speak with both visionaries about what this limited-edition capsule means.

JEWELIE ANDERSON: Hi Luca, hi Diane! Thank you for speaking with Blanc today. First I want to ask Luca - tell us about your love for the wrap dress and why you felt the 50th anniversary warranted this special capsule collection? 

LGR: I think the wrap dress embodies women’s freedom and empowerment from, we’re talking about 50 years ago, and this was super modern —fantastic. Imagine the freedom of wrapping up without buttons, without zips. It was really audacious, as Diane has always been with her style. And with these glasses, we wanted to celebrate exactly that. An audacious, bold model with proportions of a strong—like more of a masculine model—but women. So women in charge, empowerment.

DVF: A man’s life in a woman's body.

JA: Oh gorgeous, so modern. Diane! How important is the wrap dress and the impact it's left for the last 50 years? What does this collaboration with L.G.R. mean to you?

DVF: I mean for me, you know, the idea that I created this dress so long ago and it’s still around is, is amazing. And this is an encounter—I love his products, he makes incredible sunglasses, high quality. I love it, because I’ve always worn sunglasses when I’m outside since I was 11, because I wanted to look glamorous.

JA: Aw beautiful! Okay Luca, so tell us about the features of the collection (i.e. special engraving, crossbody strap case, materials, etc.) and why they all were necessary additions to this collection? 

LGR: So on a small object you have to be very, very careful about quality and details. So we wanted to put the celebration “#Wrap50” with a heart. It’s the symbol logo, and then we did what you usually do in collaboration, so L.G.R. for DVF is what is engraved inside. These glasses are all made one by one by expert artisans in Italy. All the materials are sourced in Italy, so we’re talking about very, very high quality but without showing off too much. It’s just about the design, the style, and the quality.

JA: Right, subtle but impactful! Lastly Diane, how important was responsible creation and sustainability when collaborating on this collection? 

DVF: I mean, we always try not to waste anything. So, for example, the case that we made for these glasses is actually a little bag you can put your phone in.

LGR: This is another symbol of Diane, because when we—when I showed her the packaging she said, “Yeah, but can we do something we can actually wear?” he said, “Eh do something like this that, that.” And I said, “Okay, I’ll try to figure out something.”

DVF: It’s a small bag and then you can put your glasses and your phone [inside].

LGR: Wear it like this on the side, and you can put your iPhone—in fact, we needed to fit the big iPhone—so you can fit from the large one to the small one and of course your sunglasses and carry it around comfortably all the time with you. 

JA: Innovative! Thank you for speaking with Blanc today!

DVF: Thank you!

LGR: Thank you very much!

The limited edition capsule collection includes 3 unique never-seen-before frames modeled after Raffaello L.G.R sunglasses and worn by Diane herself. Each model of the collaboration capsule is made in an exclusive pattern of tortoiseshell cellulose acetate combined with gradient photochromic Barberini tempered mineral glass lenses. The sunglasses are housed in a chic Black Saffiano Leather case, featuring an adjustable strap that can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. The case’s button closure also suits it perfectly for holding a smartphone. The collection will be available as of May 15th 2024 on DVF.com & LGRworld.com. MSRP as follows; $440 USD, €390 Euro and £330 GBP.


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