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Myles Hendrik

Myles Hendrik

When googling Myles Hendrik, statements appear such as “Myles Hendrik has become one of the most sought-after DJ’s not only in Los Angeles but around the world”, - which, in itself, boasts a highly impressive title. But, after further exploration, one quickly discovers that
Hendrik does not only attain a single profession, like most. The DJ, who lives in Los Angeles, is additionally acknowledged as an intuitive artist and poet, as well as an incredibly accomplished photographer – a dichotomy of occupations any other being would find perplexing to manipulate. Albeit, Hendrik negotiates these various layers with effortless style and ease.

“I love them all”, the multitalented artist vocalizes of his amalgam of vocations. “They’re complimentary, and they fuel each other: from creating a sonic landscape that takes an entire room on a journey, to writing something that uncovers the layers, to the cracks where
the truths lie, to capturing a moment through a lens that you get lost in when you look at it.

They all keep me pushing further: to be better, to see more, to search out the missing notes.” Everything creatively which has occurred amid Hendrik’s life has transpired spontaneously as opposed to being somewhat intentionally orchestrated. As a way to release the clutter,
the sights and sounds in his head, Hendrik began writing poems, which metamorphosed into lyric writing that led him onto being a vocalist for his friend’s band – naturally leading him into the world of DJ’ing.

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“Taking photos predates all of this” elucidates Hendrik, who, even in his adolescence, immediately fell in love with taking photos. Identifying things that the majority would fail to observe was a quality that the youngster naturally attained with deep intrigue – therefore, taking photos permitted him to capture moments that were individual and personal. “But even at a young age, I was always looking for the lines beyond the surface, the invisible prairies.”

Photography is presently occupying much of his time, where Hendrik finds himself to be currently showcasing an exhibition at Maxfield LA, titled Dreams of L.A. It is the misrepresented and wildly misunderstood city of Los Angeles that fuels his inspiration for his photographic display. “LA has a wonderful cultural diversity with intricately woven beauty…I see it, and I keep searching for it. And it’s inspired my work in a way that few other places I’ve visited have. So when it came time to decide on a direction for the show, the choice was a no-brainer: I knew it had to be a collection of work shot only here, only in Los Angeles, and only shot within a single year: 2017. Each of the photos in the show is in themselves love poems about how I see the city and in many ways how the city sees me.”

Much like his continuously evolving profession, the future sounds just as enthralling for the multifaceted man, who plans to show at Art Basel in December and MACA in Mexico City in 2019, as well as aspiring to exhibit a more fleshed out version of Dreams of L.A. in London – and wanting to release a book. “It’s going to be a perfectly frantic year,” says Hendrik. “I have so many images, so many songs, I just want to share them all.

His first solo exhibition is titled “Dreams Of L.A. Photographs,” and is curated by Holly Purcell, owner and director of FF10-51 gallery in Los Angeles, and currently on display at Maxfield Gallery, LA until August 1st, 2018.

Words by Katie Farley

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