Prabal Gurung Fall 2019


Prabal Gurung Fall 2019
Words By: Katie Farley

Prabal Gurung is no stranger to globetrotting – his native country being Singapore, brought up in Kathmandu and now residing in New York City – it’s fair to say he attains a healthy affiliation with travel. “Hippie Trail”, a nomad’s adventure from Europe to South Asia, is the source of inspiration behind the designer’s Fall 2019 collection, where it has been said to materialize as arguably his strongest offering to date.

Combining a desirable dichotomy of cocktail wear that has now become his signature, along with illustrating sophisticated styles for daywear and captivatingcreations best suited for the red carpet, Gurung’s aesthetic of overtly alluring looks has catapulted him to new heights amid the New York circuit and beyond.

With a plunging and voluminous black velvet gown transcending as a real show-stopper and modelled by Bella Hadid, the collection additionally featured an outstanding play on color, amalgamating eye-popping combinations such as shocking pinks and blues, and bold reds and yellows. A wonderful aura of world travel was lavishly depicted amid the elaborate prints, which were awakened all the more in richly-hued tones. A red ruffled dress featuring a sunshine-yellow sash contributed to being a firm favourite, whilst Gurung’s signature sexy, unbuttoned numbers also prevailed via slinky silks punctuated with lace and in patchwork prints.

After the introduction of his menswear collection for Spring 2019, Gurung followed suit for Fall and delivered a presentation that catered for men and women, where he tightened up the tailoringthroughout several stunning evening looks, whilst simultaneously delivering a casual performance.While the Gurunggirl exudes a commanding and sensual characteristic,the Gurung boy encapsulates a more loose, or even louche aesthetic, who identifies himself more with bright suits and printed sweats as opposed to dressing in a business-as-usual fashion. Gender natural dressing is catered to courtesy of the collections use of knits, materializing as rather spectacular.

Ultimately, the clothing spoke volumes, grounded in an array of Gurung’s staples whilst furthermore exploring fresh territory.